Valorant Champions 2023 Drops: Release date, how to claim, details, and more

Valorant Champions 2023 is right around the corner!
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Champions 2023 is right around the corner!
Credit: Riot Games

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The final international tournament of the current VCT season, Valorant Champions 2023, is just around the corner! Taking place in Los Angeles from August 6 to August 26 2023, this highly anticipated event will bring 16 teams from around the globe, all vying for the ultimate title of VCT World Champions.

For fans eagerly awaiting the tournament, there's more to look forward to! By watching the matches live on Twitch and YouTube, you’ll have the opportunity to claim a variety of free cosmetics to equip and flex in-game.

Valorant Champions 2023 Twitch and YouTube drop rewards preview

Shared by ValorantUpdated on Twitter, fans will have the exciting opportunity to claim a total of three drop rewards throughout the entire tournament. These include:

  • Champions 2023 "Lowrider" Card
  • "Gekko Diff" Spray
  • "Lowrider" Title

Valorant Champions 2023 drops release date

Once the Valorant Champions 2023 tournament kicks off, drops will be made available right away. While the exact schedule for the drops has yet to be released, we can draw from previous international events to provide you with a general schedule:

  • August 6 - 20: "Lowrider" Title
  • August 24 - 25 (Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket Finals): “Gekko Diff” spray
  • 26 August 2023 (Grand Finals): Champions 2023 "Lowrider" Card

How to claim the drops

To claim VCT 2023 drops, all players need to do is tune into the official stream of the event on Valorant's official Twitch or YouTube channel. Fans will likely be required to watch the stream continuously for a minimum of 30 minutes in order to receive the drops, following a similar pattern to VCT Masters Tokyo 2023.

You will also need to link your Riot Games and Twitch accounts. Read on to learn how to do this if you haven't already.

How to link your Riot Games and Twitch account

To start the process of linking both of these accounts, you have to own an account on both of these platforms.

Once that step is done, follow these to get your accounts linked:

  • Log in to your Riot Games account
  • Sign in to your Twitch account
  • On Twitch, click your profile in the top-right
  • Select Settings
  • Go to Connections
  • Find Riot Games and click Connect
  • Authorise the connection

If you've done this right, a green tick will show beside Riot Games.

That's all for our Valorant Champions 2023 Drops guide! Valorant's Episode 7 has arrived - Interested in learning absolutely everything you need to know about the current patch? Look no further, head over to our comprehensive Valorant Episode 7 guide and 7.0 Patch Notes rundown and keep yourself well-informed.

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