Valorant Agent 22 Reveal Date - Riot confirms agent reveal soon

It seems that information is increasing as we near the release of agent 22 in Valorant.

Despite the numerous leaks, there hasn't yet been too much official information about this new agent.

However, a little piece of information has revealed some info on when we should expect some more details.

@ValorLeaks has provided the community with some useful leaks which seem to support this announcement too.

But, this official information may give the fans just a little bit of clarity for what to expect.

So, let's look at when Riot Games will reveal some more official information for agent 22 in Valorant and what fans should be expecting.

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Riot Games Reveal Agent 22 Announcement

This official information for the reveal of agent 22 has come from the Valorant Esports site.

Valorant agent 22
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The site announced that the finals of the Valorant LOCK//IN Esports event would reveal more information about the agent.

"VALORANT players around the world are in for a treat this Saturday during the final day of VCT LOCK//IN, as a new Agent will be revealed before Grand Finals."

Finally, after months of leaks, the Valorant community can get to see agent 22 with their own eyes.

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What Should Fans Expect to See?

The Riot Games blog post then went on to explain what the fans should expect to see at the reveal.

"The announcement will feature both a reveal of the new Agent and one-of-a-kind showmatch, where the audience will be able to watch the new Agent in action for the first time."
Valorant VCT LOCK//IN
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Tarik and FRTTT who are team captains at the esports event will both play the new agent to show off their capabilities.

Recent leaks have also revealed the name and role of the new agent which is Gekko and an initiator.

So, hopefully, these should also be confirmed with the official Riot reveal for agent 22 in Valorant.

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