How to lace Vans - A step by step guide

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Knowing how to lace Vans shoes isn't as straightforward as you might think when you unbox a new pair for the first time.

Fortunately, we've put together this step-by-step guide to help you get the look and fit you want to stay locked in all day long, regardless of whether you're out skating or simply wearing them as part of your everyday adventures.


We've also included a few alternative lacing techniques to help you find a style that suits your own personal taste and fashion sense.

With that in mind, we'd argue there's never been a better time to learn with Vans regularly featuring among some of the best sneakers for winter, especially with unique new designs, like the Palace GORE-TEX collab, joining Vans' lineup as of late.

So, grab a pair of your best Vans and follow our guide on how to lace them right here.

How to lace Vans

One of the most popular and arguably effective lacing techniques is an approach Vans the 'Cross-Lace' method. In fact, it's how you'll likely find a new pair of Vans laced once you take them out of their box for the first time.

So, with your Old Skools in hand, or whichever Vans sneakers you're looking to lace, follow along with our top tips right here...

Step 1: Thread each end of your shoelace through the bottom two eyelets to form a bar between them.

Step 2: Insert the right aglet through the next eyelet on the left-hand side, making sure the lace remains flat as you go.

Step 3: Do the same with the left aglet, going across to the right side and making sure you go down through the eyelet.

Vans Sk8-Hi image of a pair of white and black checkerboard sneakers.
Credit: Maria Fernanda Pissioli

Step 5: Continue this cross pattern all the way up to your desired eyelet, making sure you tighten slightly as you go to remove any excess.

Top Tip: This method will also work for a pair of Sk8-Hi tops, you'll just have more eyelets to work through.

Step 6: Repeat steps one to five with your second sneaker, but reverse the pattern i.e. start with the left side rather than the right. This way you achieve a mirrored finish when both shoes are on your feet.

Vans product image of a pair of black shoes with crossed white laces on feet.
Credit: JD Sports

What type of laces do you need for Vans?

As mentioned in our guide about lacing Jordan 1s, choosing between flat or round laces will come down to personal preference.

However, it's worth noting most Vans come with flat laces as standard, evidenced by these popular Sk8-His, so we'd recommend picking up something like these VSUDO Shoelaces if you're aiming to achieve a look similar to how the shoes are presented by Vans.

Vans Sk8-Hi product image of a pair of black high-tops with white rubber midsoles and accents.
Credit: Pro:Direct Select

Once you figure out which type of laces you want, you then need to consider how long you need the shoelace to be.

Most adult pairs of Vans come with eight eyelets on either side, so ultimately require 63" to 72" shoelaces.

Smaller vans may come with fewer eyelets, particularly kid's sizes, so require shorter laces.


Vans with four eyelets will need up to 45" laces, while six eyelets will most likely require shoelaces up to 54" in length.

Alternative ways to lace Vans

Although our step-by-step guide details one of the most common techniques, Vans acknowledges there are alternative ways of lacing its shoes depending on what style you're after.

Straight bar

The straight bar method of lacing a pair of trainers is one we've also covered in our guide to lacing Air Force 1s. Fortunately, the technique is essentially the same.

You start by threading the two sides of your laces through the bottom eyelets.

Then take the left side and feed it through the second left eyelet, while the right side should be threaded through the third eyelet on the same side, thus leaving an empty gap to feed the left lace into on the right side.


Repeat this process to work your way up your shoes until you reach the top as seen below.

Vans straight bar lacing method of lacing shoes.
Credit: Vans

Zipper lace

The zipper lacing technique essentially falls between the cross-lace and straight bar method, giving you a neat alternative if you can't decide between the two.

To begin, tie one end of your shoelace in a knot to act as an anchor, then thread the unknotted side through the bottom right eyelet.

Vans zipper lace method of lacing shoes.
Credit: Vans

You then take the same end across, threading it down through the bottom left eyelet, before bringing the lace under and across, threading it upwards through the second eyelet up on the right.


Again, repeat this step until both of your shoes are laced to the top so they're ready to be worn out.

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