Best suede cleaner for shoes 2023

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Since suede is one of the hardest materials to clean, you may be wondering what the best suede cleaner for shoes is to ensure spotless sneakers.

Having the right tools is essential for cleaning suede sneakers properly. Without them, it is difficult to remove stains and make your shoes look new. Therefore, it is important to have the appropriate materials in addition to knowing how to clean suede shoes in the first place.


Fortunately, we've put together a list of our top picks to kick off your search in the best way possible, using price, reviews, and how easy and effective these suede cleaners appear to be to use to inform our selection.

So, whether you're looking for one of the best shoe cleaning kits, like Jason Markk's Shoe Cleaning Essentials, or something designed for particularly tough stains, like this Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Stain Eraser, we've got you covered right here.

Stick around too because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions to help inform your decision on which suede cleaner is right for you and your sneakers. Before that though, let's get into some suede cleaners...

Best suede cleaner for shoes

Best suede cleaner for shoes - Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit

Best suede cleaner for shoes Angelus product image of a bottle containing light green cleaner, a dark brown brush, and a white cloth.
Credit: Angelus
Brand: Angelus | Size: 8 oz. | Included: Brush, Cloth, Easy Cleaner

Angelus Easy Cleaner has previously been featured in our list of the greatest leather cleaners for shoes, as it is suitable for many different fabrics, including suede.


In the kit, you get Angelus' Easy Cleaner solution plus a soft-bristled brush and a microfibre towel, thus giving you everything you need to keep your shoes clean and ready to wear every day.

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Angelus also boasts its formula is gentle and non-toxic, meaning you shouldn't have to worry about staining your suede sneakers at all during the cleaning process.

All in all, this cleaning kit looks to be a standout option to consider, not just for suede shoes, but for cleaning your entire sneaker collection.

Best eraser suede cleaner for shoes - Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Stain Eraser

Best suede cleaner for shoes Kiwi product image of a brown, black, and red box containing an eraser.
Credit: Kiwi
Brand: Kiwi | Size: 1.5" | Included: Two Bars

A suede eraser, like this Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Stain Eraser bit of kit, seems to be an extremely quick and easy solution to removing stubborn stains from your suede sneakers.


Kiwi boasts its unique dry chemical cleaning bar is designed to deliver regular and delicate napped finishes to your shoes, plus any other suede items such as bags, boots, and jackets.

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Simply rub the eraser over the stains on the suede, then brush away any of the leftover remnants and your shoes should come away stain-free.

Therefore, if you're after something that's designed to work fast on some of the best Converse shoes, for example, made of suede, then this eraser could be your answer.

Best suede cleaner spray for shoes - Bickmore Suede & Nubuck Cleaner

Best suede cleaner for shoes Bickmore product image of a black spray bottle.
Credit: Bickmore
Brand: Bickmore | Size: 8 oz. | Included: Cleaner Spray

This Bickmore Suede & Nubuck Cleaner spray is said to remove oil and water stains with ease from suede, nubuck, and even roughout leather.


Not only that but the residue-free formula is said to condition and soften your sneakers, which should help ensure a longer life for all your suede and nubuck items.

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Being an 8 oz. bottle as well, there should be plenty of formula to keep your suede shoes clean over the course of their lifespan along with any other suede items, such as a suede pair of Vans or Nike Dunks, you may own.

Best natural suede cleaner for shoes - Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Essentials

Best suede cleaner for shoes Jason Markk product image of a silver bag containing a shoe cleaner bottle and brush.
Credit: Jason Markk
Brand: Jason Markk | Size: 4 oz. | Included: Shoe Cleaner, Brush

The Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Essentials looks to be a particularly useful bit of kit for cleaning an array of different sneaker types including suede.

The cleaning formula is said to be 98.3% natural, completely biodegradable, and safe to use on all colours and materials, meaning you should be able to clean your suede shoes with confidence.

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The pack also contains a soft-bristled brush to work away at any stubborn stains to help ensure a spotless and clean finish.

Ultimately, we feel these cleaning essentials are well worth considering to help you maintain a pristine sneaker collection.

Best budget suede cleaner for shoes - Shoe MGK Cleaner Kit

Best suede cleaner for shoes Shoe MGK product image of a blue box containing a blue bottle and shoe brush.
Credit: Shoe MGK
Brand: Shoe MGK | Size: 4 oz. | Included: Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner, Brush

For a relatively inexpensive price, this Shoe MGK Cleaner Kit looks as though it can help you keep your suede sneakers pristine with its cleaner and conditioner solution plus the soft-bristle brush.


In fact, Shoe MGK boasts its cleaning formula is effective at tackling grass stains, oil, grease, and even paint with its all-natural, concentrated ingredients.

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Being concentrated means you should only need a few drops to come away with clean suede sneakers, so your 4 oz. bottle should go a long way and last a good amount of time.

Overall, we feel this kit is well worth considering if you're looking for something relatively inexpensive that'll last.

Frequently asked questions about suede cleaners

There are usually a ton of questions that emerge when trying to figure out what the best suede cleaners are. Don't worry though, because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions right here.

How do you use a suede cleaner?

Using most suede cleaners is easy! Start by mixing them with water or spraying them directly onto your shoes, then use a brush or cloth with soft bristles to get rid of any stains. Remember, it is best to work with the grain of the suede rather than against it for optimal results.

A suede eraser is perhaps even easier to use as all you'll need to do is rub the stain with the dry block, then use a soft-bristled brush to remove any remnants before wiping completely clean.

That being said, make sure you check the manufacturer's instructions for the best guide on how to use their product.

Can you use baking soda on suede shoes?

Baking soda is a common household item for cleaning shoes, with suede being no exception.

You can't just add baking soda to your sneakers though, you'll need to create a paste first.


To do this, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water, then mix together whilst making sure the paste isn't too watery.

Once combined, you can add to your brush and begin to work away any stains on your shoes.

What should you avoid using to clean suede shoes?

The number one thing we'd recommend avoiding when cleaning suede shoes is using too much water as suede isn't a water-resistant material. Therefore, using too much can lead to water damage and staining.

It also goes without saying that you should avoid using a washing machine and dryer to clean suede shoes as your shoes would become too soaked, and the intense heat may melt some of the adhesives and fabric.