Best Sneakers For Valentine's Day 2023

The best sneakers for Valentine's Day make for an ideal gift for any treasured shoe collector or enthusiast in your life. And, with the day itself being one of the hottest events in the sneaker calendar, there's always an abundance of great options to choose from.

In fact, it's almost a guarantee that most of the major sneaker brands will drop special edition shoes in time for February 14, often complete with love hearts, love letters, and classic symbols of infatuation.

With so many shoes joining the scene each year though, it can be tricky to keep track of which brands have released what sneakers. Therefore, we've put together a list of the best Valentine's Day colourways released this year to help you stay on top of the market.

We've based on selection on sneakers that we feel capture the essence of Valentine's Day through their unique designs, but haven't overdone it with their devotion to love.

With this in mind, if you're looking for a pair of top Nike Dunks this year, like this "Valentine's Day Yellow Heart" low-top, or after an amazing Valentine's Day-themed Jordan 1 colourway, we've got you covered right here. Let's dive into our top picks...

Best sneakers for Valentine's Day

Nike Dunk Low "Valentine's Day Yellow Heart"

Best sneakers for Valentine's Day - Nike Dunk Low "Valentine's Day Yellow Heart" product image of a White sneaker with a Yellow heart towards the heel.
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Credit: Nike

Speaking of not overdoing it, this subtle "Valentine's Day Yellow Heart" Dunk Low is a great example of a Valentine's Day release done right.

Nike has essentially left the Dunk Low silhouette completely blank by using white leather to make the majority of the shoe. However, there are pops of yellow dotted around, including on the tongue, heel, and insole branding.

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There is one final touch of yellow though, that being the love heart placed just below the Swoosh towards the heel. It's a classic symbol that, put simply, works for almost any Valentine's Day release, especially here.

So, if you're after a super-wearable shoe that's been kept relatively simple for February 14, then this Dunk Low, arguably the best Nike sneaker for Valentine's Day, could be for you.

Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT 2 "Valentine's Day"

Best sneakers for Valentine's Day - Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT 2 "Valentine's Day" product image of a White leather and Red suede sneaker.
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Credit: Nike

Valentine's Day is an important time for loving those around you as well as yourself, making it a particularly special occasion. In the sneaker world, this specialness is often reflected in pushing the boat out with designs and materials used.

This is definitely the case with this "Valentine's Day" Air Jordan 1, which is made from a combination of white leather and rich red velvet, a fabric rarely used for the Jordan 1 model.

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This gives the shoes a rather intimate aesthetic, especially with the words "Anytime" and "Anywhere" stitched in cursive on the heels.

Being part of Nike's CMFT range as well, the shoes should make for an extremely comfortable addition to your rotation. As a result, we felt it was hard to ignore this release for our list.

adidas Ultraboost 1.0 "Valentine's Day"

Best sneakers for Valentine's Day - adidas Ultraboost 1.0 "Valentine's Day" product image of a black sneaker with pastel colours underneath and White love hearts across the toebox.
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Credit: adidas

To continue adidas' recent run of loved-up Ultraboosts, the brand has gifted us all with this amazing "Valentine's Day" Ultraboost 1.0 for 2023.

This particular version comes in black, but is littered with V-Day details in a complete reimagining of this classic silhouette.

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To start with, the Primeknit upper features White love hearts across the toebox. Then, you'll find a selection of pastel colours, including pink, purple, and green, scattered across the outsole in almost a camouflage-esque style.

Finally, the message “LOVE UNITES” is stamped inside the shoes to round off the Valentine's Day message. It's worth mentioning as well that adidas has released a White iteration of this Ultraboost if Black isn't your colour.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star "Hearts"

Best sneakers for Valentine's Day - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star "Hearts" product image of a Black and White high-top with Gold and Red heart accents.
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Credit: Converse

The Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most iconic silhouettes Converse has in its arsenal. However, for Valentine's Day this year, the brand has reinvented the aesthetic with this "Hearts" design.

Much of what makes the Chuck Taylor so great has been kept the same, including the black canvas upper and white rubber toebox and sole unit.

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What has changed though are some of the finer details. For instance, all the eyelets have been switched to gold to match the mini gold heart outlined in red towards the heel.

The classic Chuck Taylor All Star logo on the collar has also been altered to feature the same gold and red heart in the centre. Moreover, you'll find a string of small red hearts running up the lateral side, plus an oversized love heart lace dubrae to finish off this V-Day release.

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On the whole, we'd say this is one of the best Converse shoes released for Valentine's Day we've seen. So, make sure you check it out for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Nike Dunk Low "Night Maroon and Medium Soft Pink"

Best sneakers for Valentine's Day - Nike Dunk Low "Night Maroon and Medium Soft Pink" product image of a Cream and Maroon sneaker with a Pink Swoosh.
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Credit: Nike

Our list finishes where it began, with a Nike Dunk. However, unlike our first entry, this "Night Maroon and Medium Soft Pink" Low adds a little more colour to the classic Dunk model.

As its name suggests, the sneaker is dressed in a combination of Night Maroon and Soft Pink tones, with Pale Ivory overlays providing contrast whilst also matching the midsole.

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The shoe also features all the usual Dunk tropes, including foam cushioning and a padded collar for added comfort.

So, if you're after a shoe to wear every day, or something to bring out on a special occasion, we feel this Valentine's Day Dunk Low release is definitely worth considering.

Frequently asked questions about Valentine's Day sneakers

Valentine's Day is one of the biggest events in the sneaker calendar. Therefore, buying shoes either as a gift or for yourself around this time can sometimes lead to a few questions. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries below.

Where can you buy sneakers for Valentine's Day?

Most of the best places to buy sneakers will stock and sell shoes for Valentine's Day each and every year given pretty much all the major shoe manufacturers now release special edition colourways for the event.

That means you can usually pick up Valentine's Day shoes directly from manufacturer websites. That said, with Valentine's Day becoming one of the hottest days in the sneaker calendar, it's not uncommon to see new releases sell out fast.

If this happens to you, then we'd recommend checking out second-hand resale websites like StockX as an alternative place to buy. StockX is particularly great because it authenticates every purchase to ensure what you're buying is legitimate, according to its verification process.

When do Valentine's Day sneakers release?

Unlike regular sneaker drops, which tend to take place seemingly at random, it's far easier to predict, or at least estimate, when a Valentine's Day sneaker is going to launch seeing as the event is the same day each year.

Most of the time, you'll see sneakers debut either on February 14, or a few days or weeks prior in preparation for the day itself. This is handy if you're buying shoes as a gift for a loved one and want them to arrive beforehand.

That said, sneakers can drop earlier than expected at times, which is why we'd recommend always checking for any announcements from top sneaker brands just to keep on top of their upcoming releases.

At RealKit though, we aim to cover major future drops ahead of time, so make sure you check in with us as well to stay ahead of the curve for Valentine's Day.

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