Best Jordan 11 Colorways 2022: Our Top Picks So Far

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The Jordan 11 first debuted in 1995 and, since then, Nike has released a number of great variations on the original "Concord" design, making it hard to judge what the best Jordan 11 colorways are.

However, we've compiled a list of a few standout colorways released as of late that, we think, complement the highly unique Jordan 11 silhouette the best whilst also paying homage to some of the original details.

From simple low-tops, like these "Legend Blue" sneakers, to a release to mark the Jordan 11's 25th Anniversary, we've rounded up the very best right here.

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We've also highlight a few upcoming Jordan 11 releases so you can keep in the loop with all the latest designs.

Best Jordan 11 Colorways


Best All-Round Jordan 11 Colorway - Air Jordan 11 Retro "Cool Grey"

Best Air Jordan 11 colorways "Cool Grey" product image of a grey pair of sneakers with a white and ice-blue sole.
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Credit: Nike

The return of the fan-favorite "Cool Grey" Jordan 11 colorway was without a doubt one of the biggest arrivals in 2021 as the sneaker hadn't seen a high collar release since 2010.


In fact, the release was so big that the sneakers even featured in a cosmetic update as part of Jordan's collaboration with Fortnite.

In terms of the design, the 2021 "Cool Grey" 11's kept most of what made the originals so great, with the upper combining grey fabric with patent leather; however, Nike did opt for an icy-blue sole for this release rather than the simple translucent one on the original.

All in all, we believe the "Cool Grey" 11's are one of the best colorways released as of late so, therefore, deserve a spot on our list.

Best Jordan 11 Low Colorway - Air Jordan 11 Retro Low "Concord Bred"

Best Air Jordan 11 colorways "Concord Bred" product image of a pair of white sneakers with patent black leather overlays and a red sole.
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Credit: Nike

When it comes to low-tops, the "Concord Bred" 11's look to be one of the best colorways around at the moment as they combine two classic Jordan color schemes, plus mix in a few intricate details to take the design to the next level.


For example, you get a small but noticeable Jumpman typeface patch embroidered into the tongue which adds a hint of contrasting black and red to predominately white upper.

Elsewhere, you get the usual patent leather mudguard, this time in black, whilst underfoot you're treated to a translucent red sole to bring the "Bred" aspect into these two-tone sneakers.

Ultimately, the "Concord Bred" 11's are a great showcase of what Nike can do when they combine some of the best retro colorways onto one classic silhouette.

Best Jordan 11 CMFT Colorway - Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low "Cool Grey"

Best Air Jordan 11 colorways "Cool Grey" CMFT product image of a pair of grey low-tops with icy blue outsoles.
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Credit: Nike

While we've already featured the "Cool Grey" Retro 11's here; however, Nike has also recently released "Cool Grey" CMFT's to add to its ever-growing range of ultra-comfy basketball shoes.


Unlike its counterpart, this particular Jordan 11 features a velvety suede finish around the mudguard, and a mesh element placed just above to improve breathability.

However, you still get the new icy blue outsole underfoot, and white Jumpman logos to match the midsole that houses Nike's Air unit.

On the whole, the "Cool Grey" CMFT colorway sticks to what made the original "Cool Grey" so great, but tweaks it slightly to make for a standout CMFT release.

Best Jordan 11 Retro Colorway - Air Jordan 11 Retro Jubilee 25th Anniversary

Best Air Jordan 11 colorways Jubilee 25th Anniversary product image of a pair black sneakers with white soles.
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Credit: Nike

In celebration of the sneaker's 25th Anniversary, Jordan released the Jubilee colorway which draws huge comparisons to the sneakers worn by Michael in the iconic film Space Jam.


The Jubilee 11's feature an all-black upper combining the usual patent leather with mesh around the collar, but also include metallic silver accents to make this colorway stand out.

Underfoot, you get a white and translucent mid and outsole unit respectively to contrast the black patent leather just above.

In our opinion, the Jubilee colorway is an excellent Jordan 11 release, especially due to the historical ties to the blockbuster hit.

Best Every Day Jordan 11 Colorway - Air Jordan 11 Retro Low "Legend Blue"

Best Air Jordan 11 colorways "Legend Blue" product image of a pair of white sneakers with icy blue details and a black inner lining.
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Credit: Nike

This "Legend Blue" is the low-top variation on the previously released high-top back in 2014 which, at the time, changed this colorways name from "Columbia" to its new "Legend Blue" moniker.


Despite the name change, the "Legend Blue" remains a great color scheme and, we believe, it looks particularly good on the Jordan 11 low-tops.

What we like most about this colorway, in particular, is that it is simple and relatively understated, which should make it the ideal option for everyday wear.

Overall, the "Legend Blue" low-top 11's are a real standout sneaker, particularly with their frosty blue outsoles, thus earning them a place on our list.

Best Upcoming Jordan 11's

Despite being nearly 30 years old, Nike continues to produce variations to the Jordan 11's to this day. With that being said, here are some of our ones to watch over the coming months.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Cherry

Upcoming Air Jordan 11 colorways "Cherry" image of a single white sneaker with a metallic, Cherry Red mudguard.
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Credit: House Of Heat

The "Cherry" red Jordan 11 is finally seeing a mid-top release in 2022 according to recent reports.


In terms of the design, it mostly sticks to the OG color blocking from low-tops released in 2001, with white tumbled leather combined with metallic red overlays around the base of the uppers.

Although the exact date is unknown, expect to see the "Cherry" Air Jordan 11 arriving at Nike at some point in December 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Jordan 11's

With so many different colorways available, you may have a number of questions about Jordan 11's. Don't worry though, because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

Are Air Jordan 11's Comfortable?

We've previously discussed whether Jordan's are comfortable in general, but we didn't go into too much detail about the Jordan 11 specifically.

First and foremost, it's worth noting that all Jordan's, including the 11's, feature Nike's Air technology in the midsole for added padding and cushioning which should be a good starting point for comfort.


One of the most important aspects for making sure your Jordan 11's are comfortable though is to make sure you get the right fit right.

We'd recommend leaving about a finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe as this will make sure your sneakers are bending in the correct place as it should align to the natural bend of your foot.

Do Air Jordan 11's Run Big?

It is widely regarded that all Jordan's fit true to size for both everyday wear and on the court action.

With that being said, you may find going a size up to be beneficial for playing in if you've got slightly wider feet as this should ensure your feet remain comfortable and supported, without feeling too restrictive.

If you're still unsure, then Nike often has a handy size guide to help you determine which is the right size to go with.

Can You Run In Jordan 11's?


This is another topic we've previously covered in our guide on whether Jordan's can be used for running.

We believe, while it is possible to run in 11's, we'd advise against it for the most part and select a dedicated running shoe instead.

The main reason for this is because Jordan 11's are considerably heavier than most trainers which may have an adverse effect on your performance due to feeling weighed down.

In fact, a 2016 study into the weight of shoes found that participants ran about 1% slower for every 3.5 ounces of lead added per shoe which is obviously something you'd want to avoid wearing Jordan's.

Also, if you're wearing high tops, the added ankle support may be restrictive as it's primarily used to protect basketball players who utilise a lot of lateral movement.

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