Best Jordan 11 colorways 2023: Our to picks from the latest drops

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When it comes to finding the best Jordan 11 colorways around, there are definitely plenty of options to choose from.

First debuted as one of the best basketball shoes around in 1995, the Jordan 11, like many of the early Jordan models, has been reissued, retro'd, and reimagined almost a countless number of times.


In fact, Jordan and Nike continue to release new 11s to this day as the model continues to be one of the most popular designs in Jordan's history.

This is most likely down to how successful Michael Jordan was during his return to the NBA during the 1995/96 season. MJ finished the campaign as MVP, All-Star MVP, and Finals MVP, plus secured his 4th championship ring as well.

So, when talking about the best Air Jordans of all time, the 11 is almost always in the picture. As a result, we've rounded up a selection of our favorite 11s to help out if you're looking to add a pair to your sneaker collection.

Rather than focusing on an all-time selection, we've focused our picks on some of the more recently released 11s as they tend to be slightly more readily available compared to some of the mid-90s classics.

So, from "Space Jam" Lows to retro "Varsity Red" releases, we've rounded up the very best Jordan 11 colorways right here. Let's get into it...

Best Jordan 11 colorways

Air Jordan 11 "Varsity Red"

Best Jordan 11 colorways - "Varsity Red" product image of a white sneaker with patent red leather overlays and and ice blue outsole.
Credit: Nike

The "Varsity Red" 11, also known as the "Cherry" colorway, is a design that has been retro'd several times in the past, including the incredibly popular "Varsity Red" Low release in 2016. However, 2022 saw the debut of this higher-collared variant which, in our opinion, is one of the best 11s to drop as of late.


The sneaker is essentially dressed from top to bottom in Chicago Bulls colors, with white transitioning into bright red patent leather for the mudguards, before returning to white for the midsole.

Underneath, you get a frosty, semi-translucent rubber to give a slightly different look to the shoes compared to the usual clear or red outsoles found on other Jordan 11 models.

The sneakers also feature full-length Nike Air cushioning, which is just the cherry on top of what is one of our favorite Jordan 11s around right now.

Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low "Space Jam"

Best Jordan 11 colorways - "Space Jam" CMFT Low product image of a black sneaker with white and ice blue sole.
Credit: Nike

The Jordan 11 CMFT range, designed to be the ultimate Jordan lifestyle sneaker thanks to additional cushioning, has brought back some of the all-time greatest 11 colorways over the years, including "Concord", "Bred", and "Cool Grey" to name just a few.


In and amongst these retro remakes is this "Space Jam" CMFT Low, featuring a design popularised by, and this may come as a surprise, the 1996 Space Jam movie as MJ rocked the colorway throughout.

The design is actually relatively straightforward though, with black featuring across both the upper and patent leather mudguard. A dark blue Jordan logo can be found toward the heel though, plus, unlike the originals, the outsole features icy blue rubber, like the "Varsity Red" 11s featured above.

As an overall package, we'd say this "Concord" low-top is a great nod to one of the most iconic 11 colorways ever released, so is definitely one to consider if you're looking to add an 11 to your sneaker collection.

Air Jordan 11 "Midnight Navy"

Best Jordan 11 colorways - "Midnight Navy" product image of a navy blue suede sneaker with metallic silver details.
Credit: Nike

Unlike the aforementioned designs, this "Midnight Navy" colorway features a unique suede construction that moves it away from the typical leather and patent leather Jordan 11 combination.


As a result, we feel it's one of the most elegant colorways available right now, particularly with Jordan utilising a dark navy tone to dress almost the entirety of the upper.

However, you do get a metallic silver Jumpman logo toward the heel, which provides an eye-catching contrast to the much darker hues featured across the rest of the sneaker.

It's certainly one of the more unique 11s to debut as of late, and one we'd definitely suggest checking out if you're looking for a fresh pair of 11s.

Air Jordan 11 IE Low "Orewood Brown"

Best Jordan 11 colorways - IE Low "Orewood Brown" product image of a light brown and neutral grey sneaker.
Credit: Nike

If a unique Jordan 11 is what you're after though, then you're unlikely to find a design more modern and fresh than this "Orewood Brown" IE Low release.


The IE 11 line almost completely changes the way in which you see the Jordan 11 model. This particular colorway sees a cream cutout overlay replacing the usual patent leather mudguards and features no Jumpman logo on the lateral heel side.

The rest of the shoe arrives in different grey and white tones, giving what is, overall, a fairly neutral color scheme that we feel makes this a great Summer sneaker option for your wardrobe.

It's not all about summer though. You can definitely rock these stylish 11s all year round in our opinion. So, make sure you keep them in mind when making your next sneaker purchase.

Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low "Concord"

Best Jordan 11 colorways - CMFT Low "Concord" product image of a white and black sneaker with an ice blue outsole.
Credit: Nike

As touched on earlier, the Jordan 11 CMFT range has seen Jordan use some pretty iconic colorways for its releases. There is perhaps no colorway as iconic though as the original "Concord" design.


The shoe is simple but effective, with white and black providing the ultimate contrast between two completely opposing tones.

The only other color to touch on is the same icy blue rubber used for the outsole as some of the previous Jordan 11s we've featured.

This use of semi-translucent blue means the design deviates slightly from the original '95 release. However, we feel it is still a great homage to an absolute classic, and a colorway that should fit seamlessly into almost any sneaker collection.

Frequently asked questions about Jordan 11s

With so many different colorways available, you may have a number of questions about Jordan 11s. Don't worry though, because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

Where can you buy new Jordan 11 colorways?

For new Jordan basketball shoes, we recommend visiting the Nike store since Nike creates the entire Jordan collection, a point we highlight in our lists of the best places to buy Jordans and sneakers in general.

More specifically, we'd suggest checking out Nike's SNKRS launch page as it lists all of Nike's popular upcoming releases ahead of time, just in case you wanted to plan ahead with your next Jordan purchase.

If the sneakers you're after end up selling out before you get the chance to buy them, then we'd recommend visiting resale websites like StockX or GOAT as they tend to have listings for all the latest Jordan releases.

Both companies authenticate every sneaker purchase as well to ensure what you're buying is legitimate according to their verification processes.

Are Jordan 11s comfortable?

We've previously discussed whether Jordan's are comfortable in general, but we didn't go into too much detail about the Jordan 11 specifically.

First and foremost, it's worth noting that pretty much all Jordans, including the 11s, feature Nike's Air technology for added padding and cushioning, which should make for a good starting point for comfort.


One of the most important aspects of making sure your Jordan 11s are comfortable though is to make sure you get the right fit right.

Clarks' general rule is that you should leave one finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe, with the natural bend of the sneaker falling around the ball of your foot.

To help get you started on getting the right-sized Jordans, check out our guide to measuring your shoe size right here.

Do Jordan 11s run big?

In general, Jordans should fit true to size for everyday use and for wearing on the court, regardless of whatever model you choose based on Nike's handy size chart.

With that being said, you may find going up half a size to be beneficial for playing in if you've got slightly wider feet. This should ensure your feet remain comfortable, with enough space in order to not feel restricted in your movements.

If you're unsure whether your shoes are too wide, then Clarks advice is to ensure the widest part of your foot (the ball area and metatarsal bones) fit within the widest part of your shoe, with enough room spare to stop your foot from being compressed inwards.

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