Best Controllers for EA FC 24

Jude Bellingham in the white Real Madrid kit with gold and black trim in EA FC on one side of a white line. On the other, a black Xbox controller.
Credit: EA

Jude Bellingham in the white Real Madrid kit with gold and black trim in EA FC on one side of a white line. On the other, a black Xbox controller.
Credit: EA

The best controller for EA FC 24 is the one that's going to give you an advantage over your opposition. Yet, amidst the multitude of gamepads available, finding the one with that winning capability is a challenge. Fortunately, we've sifted through the options and handpicked five exceptional controllers that can elevate your game. Considering that previous FIFA titles have been taken offline, now is an opportune moment to consider an upgrade.

Unlike FPS titles where hair-trigger stops reign supreme, precision, quick accessibility, and ergonomic design are key to a top-tier gamepad for sports, and are, therefore, the defining attributes that grant you an edge on the pitch playing one of the best football games on the market.

Our selection takes all this into account, combining performance, comfort, and price to ensure you're harder to beat, regardless of whether you're on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. So dive into our lineup to kickstart your search and dominate your EA FC 24 matches.

Best controllers for EA FC 24

  1. PlayStation DualSense Edge - best for PS5 gameplay
  2. Razer Wolverine Ultimate - a great choice for Xbox
  3. Xbox Elite Series 2 - a top contender for PC
  4. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro - best gamepad for PS4
  5. Turtle Beach Recon - an excellent budget choice
Sony DualSense Edge product image of an official white and black DualSense Edge controller.
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Credit: Sony

1. Sony DualSense Edge

Best PS5 controller for EA FC 24

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
Compatibility: PS5, PC

The PlayStation DualSense Edge is Sony's premiere controller, positioned as the top-tier "pro" gamepad for the PS5. Unsurprisingly then, it's loaded with cutting-edge technology that can elevate your skills on EA FC to new heights.

The first noteworthy feature is its two interchangeable sets of rear buttons strategically positioned for quick access to essential controls. This can make executing crucial movements in-game like sprinting and tackling a breeze, providing you've got a great TV for sports games that can keep up.

Moreover, the controller offers a variety of swappable thumbsticks, ranging from convex to concave, catering to your preference for improved grip, precision, and comfort. The entire thumbstick module can also be replaced too, enhancing the controller's durability and longevity across this year's game cycle.

If that wasn't enough, the DualSense Edge includes on-board user interface controls, enabling seamless profile switching with a simple button press. You can also adjust in-game audio and chat balance directly from the controller, making it an excellent choice for online EA FC gameplay as well as offline enthusiasts who prefer the thrill of a Career Mode over the stress of Ultimate Team.

Reasons to buy:

  • Interchangeable modules and thumbsticks allow complete customisation
  • You can save different profiles to make switching settings easy
Razer Wolverine Ultimate product image of a black, Xbox-style, wired gamepad featuring RGB lighting.
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Credit: Razer

2. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Best Xbox controller for EA FC 24

Connectivity: USB
Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Switching consoles now to what we think is one of the best Xbox controllers going in the Razer Wolverine Ultimate. It's an exceptional device, one that can seriously improve any gameplay, not just that of EA FC.

The gamepad boasts two customisable back buttons, four versatile multi-function triggers that come unassigned, and a quick control panel for swift and convenient access to your most frequently used presets. This panel means you won't have to waste time switching settings each time you load up EA FC, allowing you to jump right into a game instead.

Its hair-trigger stops are worth touching on too, although they're perhaps more important for shooters, and its interchangeable thumbsticks are a nice bonus, allowing you to customise their height and shape depending on your preferences.

Given Razer's renowned reputation in the gaming industry, it's probably a little unsurprising to find out we've included them here. But that doesn't take away from the fact the Wolverine Ultimate is still a fine controller all-round.

Reasons to buy:

  • Extra buttons on the back and interchangeable thumbsticks
  • Quick access panel makes selecting presets simple
Xbox Elite Series 2 product image of a black Xbox controller featuring a white and light grey trackpad on the left side.
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Credit: Xbox

3. Xbox Elite Series 2

Best PC controller for EA FC 24

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is Microsoft's version of the DualSense Edge, with the controller standing out as a premier gamepad for the current crop of consoles. However, we've chosen it as a top pick to play EA FC on PC as it offers a seamless plug-in-and-play connection due to who it's manufactured by (Microsoft if that wasn't clear). All you have to do is connect this thing to your Windows PC, either via Bluetooth or USB, and you're ready to kick off.

That's not all though. It features ergonomically designed wrap-around rubberised grips, ensuring superior comfort and stability during extended gaming sessions. Additionally, the controller comes with four customisable rear panels, allowing you to bind controls for quick access which can prove valuable when it comes to speeding up your in-game plays and movement on your sports game monitor.

What's more, the Elite Series 2 includes a set of six interchangeable thumbsticks, allowing you to tailor your controller to your EA FC preferences. The advanced d-pad is also worth mentioning as it enhances your ability to switch tactics swiftly within the game.

In summary, then, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller not only excels as a top pick for EA FC, but it also makes for an excellent gamepad for all genres of video games on the market.

Reasons to buy:

  • Instantly compatible with Windows PCs
  • Rubberised grips and customisable rear panels
Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro product image of a black controller with a red light around the right thumbstick.
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Credit: Nacon

4. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Best PS4 controller for EA FC 24

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
Compatibility: PC, PS4

Switching back over to PlayStation and the Nacon Revolution Pro controller, a top-tier option for the PS4 in our eyes because it boasts an impressive array of features designed to elevate your EA FC skills.

To start, this controller employs Bluetooth technology, eliminating the need to sit close to your console while playing. This freedom allows you to comfortably enjoy a game, whether that's with you're friends or playing solo.

Additionally, the controller comes with removable joysticks, an ergonomic grip, and four customisable shortcut buttons that can be assigned to your most frequently used in-game commands. These features have the potential to enhance your performance by reducing reaction times and improving precision in your passing, dribbling, and more.

The customisation potential goes further though as you also change the left and right stick response curve, stick and axis inversion, dead zone sensitivity for each trigger, and vibration intensity. These may not all play a huge part in improving your EA FC skills, but do contribute to the overall quality of this pro gamepad.

The only thing worth mentioning at this point is there is a Nacon gamepad for the PS5 called the Revolution 5 Pro, a device that rivals the DualSense Edge in terms of features. Find out more and where to buy this controller in this review if you're interested.

Reasons to buy:

  • Replaceable joysticks to find the precision you need for EA FC
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  • You can alter each stick's response curves and dead zones
Turtle Beach Recon product image of a black Xbox-style controller with multiple additional buttons.
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Credit: Turtle Beach

5. Turtle Beach Recon

Best budget controller for EA FC 24

Connectivity: USB
Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Finally, we come to an option tailored to gamers who want a high-quality gamepad without burning a hole in their wallet with the Turtle Beach Recon, especially if you catch it as part of a controller sale.

Despite its budget-friendly pricing, this gamepad boasts an array of essential features that can significantly elevate your gaming experience in EA FC. Notably, it incorporates Pro-Aim technology originally designed for shooter games, but it proves invaluable in EA FC too. This technology allows you to finely adjust thumbstick sensitivities, providing enhanced precision and control over your players' movements.

Moreover, the Turtle Beach Recon excels in delivering immersive sound, offering EQ presets that breathe life into every stadium you step into. Additionally, it grants you convenient control over in-game chat volume directly from the device itself. With its 3.5mm port, you can easily plug in a headset and engage in hours of chatter with friends, particularly in game modes like Pro Clubs. The controller incorporates Mic Monitoring technology, ensuring your audio remains balanced throughout your gaming sessions.

But that's not all – it also has a very ergonomic design. The gamepad is designed to provide a tactile gaming experience with vibration feedback in all the right places. Moreover, it features cooling grips on the handles, ensuring that your hands stay comfortable even during marathon gaming sessions. It's these thoughtful features that make the Turtle Beach Recon a compelling choice, especially when you consider its budget-friendly price tag.

Reasons to buy:

  • Cheaper than rival gamepads
  • It has an audio input for online communication

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buying a new controller can be tricky, often prompting a number of questions. Don't panic though as we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries below.

Are all controllers compatible with EA FC?

This often hinges on the specific console in question. For instance, an Xbox controller is typically not compatible with the PlayStation 5, and the reverse is also true.

However, PC gamers generally enjoy broader flexibility in this regard. Most controllers can be used with PCs, though some might need additional software for full functionality. Xbox controllers, being Microsoft products, are particularly well-suited for Windows PCs due to their inherent compatibility.

To ensure that a controller meets your needs, it's crucial to consult the manufacturer's specifications and product descriptions. These resources will usually list compatible devices, providing clear guidance in the vast majority of cases.

How much should you spend on a controller for EA FC?

There's no universal answer to this question as it all comes down to your personal budget and your desired features.

If you're after something with all the latest and best technology going, then you'll probably need to pay a premium price tag. However, there are several amazing, more budget-friendly options available, typically made by third-party brands as opposed to Sony and Microsoft themselves in the case of the PlayStation and Xbox.

Only spend what you can afford though, and make sure you do your research to uncover the perfect controller that fits your specific needs. Our list is definitely a good start, but there are plenty of options out there that vary in price, so do your research and you'll end up figuring out exactly how much you should spend based on your needs.

What features should you look for when buying a controller for EA FC?

As mentioned in our introduction and throughout this list, the best controllers for a game like EA FC are the ones that feature additional buttons that you can assign commonly used commands to, tactile joysticks that can perhaps be swapped out to ones that provide more precision and control on the pitch, plus gamepads with ergonomic designs to ensure comfort during longer gaming sessions. Hair-trigger stops can also come in handy to reduce how quickly it takes you to sprint, for example, but aren't as crucial as they are for titles like Call of Duty.

Those are the obvious features, but you've also got to take into account compatibility seeing as not every controller works with every platform, build quality, battery life if you go for a wireless option, and whether you can customise certain aspects like vibration feedback to your preference. Don't forget to consider wired options too, especially if you game at a desk and want something that you know isn't going to cut out on you mid-game.

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