Best Boxing Gloves 2021: Top Picks For Sparring And Competing

There's a lot to factor in when searching for the best boxing gloves, especially considering the wide variety of sizes and shapes available, all differing in price points.

For training and pad work, you may be looking for something in the 12-16oz range, however, if you're an experienced boxer looking to compete, then 10oz gloves may be the way to go.

With that being said, we've put together this list based on features, price, and reviews to highlight some of our top picks to help you find the perfect pair for you.

From top gloves for sparring, like these Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, to slightly cheaper alternatives, like these RDX EGO Boxing Gloves, we've got everything you need right here.

Best Boxing Gloves


Best Boxing Gloves For Competition - Everlast Powerlock2 Pro

Best boxing gloves Everlast product image of a pair of white gloves with Everlast in silver.
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Image Credit: Everlast

Brand: Everlast | Material: Leather | Size: 12-16 Oz

These Everlast Powerlock2 Pro's are designed to be high-quality and perfect for competing.


Made from full-grain leather, they should be extremely durable and the 5-layer goam core will likely keep your hands protected by absorbing the impact of a knockout blow.

While we feel the Everlast Powerlock2 Pro's would be good for a match, they do come with padded wrists for additional protection while blocking, particularly during sparring.

These gloves also feature a sweat-resistant interior lining for ease of cleaning which is another reason why they feature as one of the best gloves around.

Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring - Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Best boxing gloves Venum product image of a pair of black gloves with gold Venum details.
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Image Credit: Venum

Brand: Venum | Material: Synthetic | Size: 10-16 Oz

Venum is one of the leading manufacturers of combat equipment around and, we feel, its Elite Boxing Gloves are a good showcase of its expertise.


What makes these gloves particularly good for sparring is their thermal regulation mesh paneling, designed to keep hands cooler during grueling training sessions.

Moreover, they come with triple density foam which will likely keep your hands and wrists protected, even when pounding away at a heavy bag.

Ultimately, a top pair of gloves like these Venum Elite's should keep you safe and cool whilst you train.

Best Boxing Gloves On A Budget - RDX EGO Boxing Gloves

Best boxing gloves RDX product image of a pair of white and blue gloves featuring black writing.
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Image Credit: RDX

Brand: RDX | Material: Faux Leather | Size: 14 Oz

While a pair of premium gloves may be tempting, if you're working within a budget then these RDX EGO's might be for you.


Thanks to an extra thick layer of padding and RDX's shock dissipating gel, these gloves should be ideal for training and sparring.

Additionally, the RDX EGO's incorporate an S.P.P palm which filters air into them and will likely prevent your hands from becoming too hot and sweaty during a match.

At 14 Oz, these gloves are slightly lighter than 16 Oz pairs and, for the price you pay, they're definitely worth considering.

Best Premium Boxing Gloves - Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki LX

Best boxing gloves Hayabusa product image of a pair of slate grey gloves.
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Image Credit: Hayabusa

Brand: Hayabusa | Material: Leather | Size: 12-16 Oz

The Hayabusa T3's are a highly popular pair of gloves thanks to their five-layer foam structure and interlocking splints, designed to provide support to your hands and wrists.


Moreover, the Hayabusa T3's protect your wrists using dual-wrist straps to keep your wrists aligned with each punch.

An interesting point to note is Hayabusa boasts its Vylar leather is suitable for vegans so should suit all aspiring boxers out there.

Their versatility is also worth a mention because, whether you're sparring, practicing Muay Thai, or boxing with a heavy bag, the Hayabusa T3's are designed to be suitable for them all.

Best Boxing Gloves For Muay Thai - Twins 2 Tone Boxing Gloves

Best boxing gloves Twins Boxing product image of a pair of black and white boxing gloves.
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Image Credit: Twins Boxing

Brand: Twins Boxing | Material: Leather | Size: 10-16 Oz

Muay Thai is a martial arts style that utilises stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.


The Twins have been designed with this style in mind with their attached thumb for added safety when training, something typically found on classic pairs of Thai boxing gloves.

While primarily built for Muay Thai, they should also suit sparring and training as they come with additional hand and wrist supports which will likely help prevent injury.

They come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your boxing style so, whether you want lighter gloves for training or heavier gloves for competing, the Twins should have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boxing Gloves

People often have a tonne of questions about boxing gloves, but we're here to clear up a few common queries to help you make your purchase.

What Should You Look For In A Pair Of Boxing Gloves?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, finding the right gloves is essential.


To select the perfect pair, you'll first want to look out for the material. While synthetic gloves may be cheaper, genuine leather gloves are typically more durable and should, therefore, last longer.

You'll also want to keep an eye out for the closure type. The most commonly used closures these days is Velcro or hook and loop which are both quick and easy to adjust to keep your gloves comfortable throughout a sparring session.

You may also want to check the padding as this is key for preventing injury. In fact, boxing gloves typically have 3 times more padding compared to MMA gloves.

How Should Boxing Gloves Fit?

Boxing gloves should feel comfortable to wear and your fingers should touch the tops of them which means they're properly supported and protected.

Your gloves also shouldn't slip while training or during a match as the closure is meant to hold them firmly in place.

Some signs your boxing gloves don't fit correctly include they're too tight, you're hand goes numb when you're wearing them, or they slip off easily whilst done up.


Why Do You Need To Wear Boxing Gloves?

As previously mentioned, the primary reason fighters wear boxing gloves is to protect their hands and wrists.

Punching a heavy bag without them, for example, can result in joint displacement and broken bones.

They are also necessary for an element of safety to your opponent as bare-knuckle fighting can cause serve injury and often results in large cuts across the face.

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