adidas vs New Balance Sizing

A red adidas shoe with white details and midsole laying on a pile of white shoes on the left. On the right, a pair of silver, grey, and white New Balance shoes.
Credit: Ervan M Wirawan

A red adidas shoe with white details and midsole laying on a pile of white shoes on the left. On the right, a pair of silver, grey, and white New Balance shoes.
Credit: Ervan M Wirawan

Buying new shoes online is often easier said than done if you're unsure what size to buy. The issue is that even though we have universal numbers that determine the general size of shoes, there can still be slight discrepancies in their length. As a result, it's not uncommon to wonder, for example, how the likes of adidas vs New Balance sizing compares. Fortunately, that's exactly what we're covering in this guide.

Our comprehensive comparison breaks down the similarities and differences between how two of the best sneaker brands' shoes fit, taking length, of course, as well as width into account to help you figure out what size you need. We've also delved into each brand's catalogue of amazing sneakers to figure out which of their models run narrow, and which of their shoes fit wide feet best. From the popular adidas Ultraboost Light to New Balance 550s, we've got you covered.

So, if not knowing what size shoes you need is holding you back from buying new trainers from either adidas or New Balance, make sure you stick around as our guide has the answers. Let's get right into it...

How should your shoes fit?

As both New Balance and adidas have such a vast collection of shoes, ranging from everyday sneakers to some of the best running trainers around, it's important to first get your head around how your shoes should fit and feel.

adidas 4DFWD product image of someone in white socks adjusting their carbon, off-white, purple, and orange running shoes.
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Credit: adidas

In terms of length, this is fairly straightforward. Clarks says that a well-fitting shoe will have a gap of roughly the size of one finger between your longest toe and the end of the sneaker. This will ensure that the shoe in question curves around the ball of your foot for a more comfortable fit.

Unfortunately, determining the width of shoes is a little trickier. It's relatively uncommon for brands to give specific measurements for the width of their trainers. And while New Balance does have its own width chart, it doesn't necessarily help when it comes to figuring out whether or not you need wider or narrower shoes.

That said, there is a way to tell if you're sneakers fit correctly on either side. According to Clarks again, the widest part of your foot (i.e. the ball area and metatarsal bones) should fit within the widest part of your shoe, with enough room spare to stop your foot from being compressed inwards. This may not help before you've purchased the shoes in question, but it is useful to know once you try your new sneakers on for the first time.

adidas vs New Balance size guide

Now that we've discussed the proper fit for shoes, let's delve into the details and explore the size charts to compare adidas vs New Balance sizing.

As you can see below, New Balance as well as some of the best adidas shoes are more or less identical length-wise, with there being only a fraction of inches difference between them.

adidas logo above a black and white size chart, then the New Balance logo in red above a grey and white size chart.
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Take the US Men's Size 9 as highlighted above. At adidas, this equates to an EU 42 2⁄3, but at New Balance, you're getting an EU ½. Realistically, a difference this small will be relatively unnoticeable, so you shouldn't have to worry about needing to go up or down half a size to fit the brand.

Unfortunately, and as touched on earlier, we couldn't find any comparable charts from adidas or New Balance for the width of their shoes. However, you can explore adidas and New Balance size charts right here if you'd like to seek out more information.

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Which shoes fit wide feet?

When it comes to accommodating wider feet, both adidas and New Balance offer specialszed ranges of trainers. adidas primarily features wide-fitting options in their running shoe line, with the Duramo SL standing out among them. However, New Balance boasts a broader collection, inclusive of Wide, Extra Wide, and XX-Wide versions, such as the popular 990v6 model, making it a go-to for wider-footed individuals.

New Balance 990v6 product image of a grey and white pair of low-top sneakers.
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Credit: New Balance

For those seeking regular-sized trainers that cater well to wider feet, basketball shoes are often recommended. Their design is geared to contain the foot while allowing for some movement, crucial for the swift lateral motions in the game. For this reason, exploring options like the adidas Adizero Select 2.0 or the New Balance TWO WXY v4, both esteemed for their performance, could be beneficial if you have wider feet and seek everyday footwear that offers ample comfort and support.

Which shoes run narrow?

Both brands recognise that some of their shoes are slightly narrower, or feel narrower than others. This typically happens with performance and sports-based trainers that are designed for athletic competition.

Running shoes, in particular, often fall victim to this, especially when they're made from lightweight, knitted material designed to hug the shape of your feet. That's why the likes of the adidas Ultraboosts, for example, can sometimes feel like they fit tighter than some of adidas' other great footwear due to their PRIMEKNIT uppers.

adidas Ultraboost product image of a pair of all-black knitted running shoes, the right shoe leaning up against the length.
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Credit: adidas

The same also applies to some of New Balance's sportswear shoes, particularly ones that feature Hypoknit uppers. However, New Balance does boast that it offers the largest selection of shoe widths from any brand, ranging from 2A X-Narrow to 6E XX-Wide, with the aim of having a pair of sneakers to suit every foot type available.

Therefore, with both adidas and New Balance offering a range of wide-fit shoes as well as having some models running slightly narrow, you shouldn't have to worry about finding a pair to fit the specific shape of your feet.

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