PUBG PGC 2022: Where to Watch, Dates, Schedule, and More

Krafton Inc. has officially announced all 32 teams who will be attending the PGC to finalise the 2022 season.

As with most major esports events, the whole tournament will be streamed live through many different websites.

There is also a live audience for the grand final of the event for those of us who are lucky to get tickets.

However, for us stuck at home, we are still able to participate in the event.

So, here is where players can watch, stream, a schedule and dates for the PUBG PGC so that you don't miss a single thing.

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Where to Watch

PGC 2022 will be streamed across PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ Esports Twitch and YouTube channels.

PGC PUBG group stage b
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For the Turkish broadcast please follow Twitch and YouTube. The German broadcast will be streamed on Twitch.

PGC group stage
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Livestream coverage for PGC 2022 will begin each day starting at 2 pm CT.

However, this may change depending on your region. Take a look here...

  • 8 pm BST
  • 7 pm GMT
  • 12 pm PT
  • 2 pm CT

PUBG PGC schedule

  • Group Stage: Nov. 1-6
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  • The 32 teams have been split up into two groups of 16 teams (A and B) and will feature weekly Group Stage matches to determine Winner and Loser brackets. A total of 15 matches will be played between each group across three days. The top eight teams from each group will be placed in a winners Bracket and the bottom eight teams in each group in a Losers Bracket.
  • Winners Bracket: Nov. 8-9
    • Following the Group Stage, the Winners Bracket will battle it out over the course of 10 matches throughout two days, where the top eight of the 16 teams will be rewarded with a direct spot in the Grand Final. The bottom eight teams from the Winners Bracket will be placed in Losers Bracket 2 for another chance to reach the Grand Final stage.
  • Losers Bracket Phase 1: Nov. 10-11
    • The first Losers Bracket phase will consist of the bottom eight teams from each of Group A and B. The phase will feature 10 matches over two days, where the top eight teams will advance to Losers Bracket 2, while the bottom seven teams will move into the Grand Survival stage. The bottom team of Losers Bracket 1 will be eliminated.
  • Losers Bracket Phase 2: Nov. 12-13
    • The final Losers Bracket will consist of the bottom eight teams from the Winners Bracket and the top eight teams from Losers Bracket 1, who will similarly battle in 10 matches across two days. Only the top four teams will be granted seats in the Grand Final. The remaining 12 teams will move on to the Grand Survival stage.
  • Grand Survival: Nov. 14
    • The Grand Survival stage is the last chance for participating teams to make the final 16 Grand Finals squads that will compete for the PGC 2022 crown. The Grand Survival consists of 19 teams, 12 teams from Losers Bracket 2 and seven teams from the Losers Bracket 1 - with the bottom three teams from Losers Bracket 1 placed in a waiting queue. The Grand Survival will only grant four chances to progress to the Grand Finals. In each match, the team winning the Chicken Dinner will advance and the remaining 15 teams will be joined by the next team in the line.
  • Grand Final: Nov. 17-20
    • Following the completion of the Grand Survival stage, the best of the best in 2022 will finally compete against each other until one team claims the PGC 2022 throne. The Grand Final will consist of twenty matches over the course of four days. Whichever team comes out ranked on top of the standings list will be crowned the new champions of the PUBG Global Championship!
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