Nioh's story is finished, says developer

As we get closer to the Nioh 2 Complete Edition, developer Team Ninja has spoken on the future of the series.

After two games, and robust re-releases for both, the studio is moving onto something.

What does this mean for Nioh 3? Time will tell.

The Nioh Story Is Finished

Speaking to VGC on the current status of Nioh, series director and producer Fumihiko Yasuda made clear Nioh 2 finishes what was in the first game, and another isn't on the board.

"With Nioh Complete Edition and Nioh 2 Complete Edition, the story that we had built has come to an end," Yasuda said. "It’s reached a good point in the story where all the loose ends are tied up, so there are no plans for a sequel at this point."

Nioh 2 Complete Edition contains the base game and all the DLC
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Nioh 2 Complete Edition comes on February 5

Yasuda leaves the door open a little, saying it's "still possible in the future", but says that the Nioh and Nioh 2 complete editions, which include all the DLC, are a complete package for players to enjoy.

Going Next-Gen, Future Projects

Nioh 2 Complete Edition brings the game to PC and next-gen consoles, releasing on PlayStation 5 on February 5. Nioh Complete Edition will release alongside it, meaning you'll have the perfect version of both to dig into.

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Last year, Yasuda told 4Gamer Team Ninja is preparing "several new titles", and they're aware of the demand for a return to Ninja Gaiden. We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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