Man of the Match: A new football game!

Football games come and go every year with little being able to hold relevancy post-launch. With EA FC and eFootball leading the way in football gaming, many games have tried to dethrone them yet none have been successful.

One new game looks to be breaking out soon called 'Man of the Match', a new football game created for the community by the community.

With a first look at gameplay being released on 1, August 2023, let's take a look at what we know so far!

Man of the Match: A new free-to-play football game

Developed with passion and dedication, "Man of the Match" is more than just a video game; it is a virtual realm built for the community, by the community.

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Say goodbye to the days of conventional gaming experiences, as this immersive game promises to elevate your football journey to a whole new level.

Choose your path: player or manager modes

In "Man of the Match," you have the freedom to embrace two primary roles: player or manager, similar to player career mode and manager mode in EA FC 24.

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Man of the Match will have state-of-the-art image capture technology, allowing you from your personal mobile device to bring your real-life face and every intricate detail into the game, creating your very own personalised player or manager in the game.

Player career mode

As a player, you'll be responsible for shaping your journey and making crucial decisions to propel your football career to greatness. Alongside you will be your teammates, each with their own realistic Avatars, forming an 11 versus 11 multiplayer experience like no other.

Tactical manager mode

For those who crave the tactical aspect of football, "Man of the Match" has something extraordinary in store for you. Step into the shoes of a manager, crafting strategies and guiding your team to glory. The possibilities are endless, from training sessions and lineup rotations to stadium settings and ticket prices. This game looks to pay credit to the small details in a managers day to day life and implement it into Man of the Match.

An expansive football universe

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The "Man of the Match" world is meticulously crafted to mirror the depth and intricacies of the beautiful game. Divided into continents, each with its countries, national teams, and local clubs playing in league pyramids, the game offers a rich and diverse experience.

New take on league systems

Unlike other video games, "Man of the Match" introduces a unique league system that injects history and rivalry into your matches. Say goodbye to randomly generated opponents – here, you'll face familiar foes regularly according to the fixture schedule. Rivalries are created in the game automatically to make matches more intense as you progress within the game.

Built for the community

The creators of "Man of the Match" are determined to challenge the status of the football gaming industry. Tired of being treated as mere wallets, the community now has a game of its own, where passion and enjoyment reign supreme. Unlike the manipulative gameplay mechanics seen elsewhere, 'Man of the Match' aims to empower players, providing an authentic experience without resorting to pay-to-win strategies.

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