Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - how to evolve Pawmo into Pawmot

One of the best features found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the "Let's Go" feature, which allows trainers to send their companions out into the world to battle and collect battles automatically.

This new mechanic is more than just a time-saver for grinding, however, with three Pokemon using it as a requirement for their evolution process. One of these creatures is the route one encounter known as Pawmi or, to be more specific, its evolution Pawmo. Here's how you do it

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Evolving Pawmo Into Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Go on an adventure with Pawmo to evolve him in a Pawmot
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To evolve into Pawmot, players will need to travel for 1,000 in-game steps with its Pre-evolution Pawmo using the Lets Go feature.

Unlike some of the previous games in the series, there is no pedometer or way to track the steps in-game which feels like a slight oversight given that steps are a necessary part of evolution.

The way to rectify this, however, is to simply keep walking and using the Let's Go feature with Pawmo, Doing so will eventually allow you to get your hands on a handy electric and fighting-type Pokemon but will also see your team get some great experience.

A Pawmot, for this reason, is a great addition to your playthrough team, allowing you to better prepare yourself for the many challenges that the three stories of Pokemon Scarlet and violet have in store for you.

Exploring and travelling with Pawmo to get the evolution is also a great way to encounter and fill out your Pokedex with a large variety of Pokemon, all while collecting items and exploring the vast Paldea region for everything it has to offer.

Pawmot is also great type coverage against the many flying types that comprise the Pokedex, a great source of experience to make the levelling up process easier and faster via the auto-battles.

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