Yoimiya Story Quest Act 2 Walkthrough and Guide

Yoimiya in Genshin Impact

Yoimiya in Genshin Impact

In this article, we will provide you with a walkthrough guide for Yoimiya Story Quest Act 2. This chain was added in the 3.7 update and it’s quite interesting because there aren’t many characters that have multiple story quests in Genshin Impact.

In fact, Yoimiya is the first non-Archon character to receive the second Story Quest, which makes the whole situation even more interesting. So, let’s find out how to complete this task and what exactly you need to do!

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Yoimiya Story Quest Act 2 Walkthrough

Yoimiya Story Quests Act 2 consists of three parts that you will need to complete one by one. Each of these episodes has a few tasks that you will have to do. As a reward, you will get various items and a new story about Yoimiya and other characters.

Part 1 – The Seeker of a Meteor Shower

In order to start the first part of the quest, you will need to use a Story Key. After that, follow the next steps:

Yoimiya in Genshin Impact
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  • Talk to Yoimiya in Inazuma.
  • She should be at Naganohara Fireworks with her father.
  • Meet with Yoimiya at Ritou Island.
  • Go to the docks and sail to Port Ormos.
  • Explore the port to find Yoimiya and then go to Sumeru City.
  • Talk to Yoimiya near the blacksmith.
  • Go to Sumeru Akademiya and talk to Nahida.
  • Come back to Yoimiya and listen to her dialogue with the kid in the wheelchair.

Part 2 – All Things Flawless and Pure

This is the second part of this quest, which you can start by completing the previous one. It also has several tasks and here is a list of them:

Yoimiya in Genshin Impact
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  • Go to Devantaka Mountain and talk to Yoimiya.
  • Go to the nearest Ruin Golem and find Yoimiya on top of it.
  • Talk to her again.
  • Go back to Sumeru City.
  • Talk to the blacksmith.
  • Talk to Sadegh.
  • Talk to Nidal.
  • Talk to Jahan.
  • Follow the wheelchair tracks.
  • Find a group of Hilichurls around the wheelchair and defeat them.
  • Take the wheelchair and go back to Yoimiya.

Part 3 – A Flower that Blooms Across the Sky

Yoimiya in Genshin Impact
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This is the last part and at the end of it, you will get your final cutscene. Follow the next steps to obtain your rewards:

  • Go to the Mawtiyima Forest.
  • Find Yoimiya and Avin.
  • Talk to Yoimiya and help her track the drifting star.
  • Catch up the star and return to others.
  • Find a spot to observe the meteor shower.
  • Watch the final cutscene.

This quest shouldn’t be difficult as the game has a special marker that you can use to find everything you need for your current task. At the end of the second Yoimiya quest, you will get some Mora, Wits, Ore, Primogem, EXP, and even Furniture. Hopefully, this guide will help you obtain all these rewards and continue your progress in Genshin Impact!

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