Xbox Game Pass - All new and leaving games for March 2023

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is entering another month of fantastic rewards for subscribers, with several new games arriving. Last month saw Atomic Heart come as a special treat, and this month has seen some early announcements of huge titles due to be arriving.

The subscription is great value for money as ever, as PC, console, and cloud gamers can all get in on the action. Here's everything arriving and leaving this month so you can be prepared to snag some free content.

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Xbox Game Pass Confirmed Games March 2023

The full lineup for March will be revealed early on in the month, but we already have a few rumours. More are expected to arrive mid-month as well, so watch this space for updates on which games you can get your hands on for free.

The Xbox Game Pass March 2023 games are as follows:

  • F1 22 (Console, PC) – March 2
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Console, PC, Cloud) – March 3
  • Guilty gear Strive (Console, PC, TBD) - March 7
  • Valheim (Console, TBD) - March 14
  • MLB The Show 23 (Console, Cloud) – March 28 
  • Infinite Guitars (Console, PC, TBD) - March 30
  • Way To The Woods (Console, PC) – March TBA

This month, headlining the lineup is the release of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the latest Team Ninja action game. If you haven't had a chance to give their work a try, this is your perfect opportunity.

Games Leaving in March 2023

While we don't have any confirmed titles leaving the service just yet, we can make some assumptions. Games normally stick around on the pass for 1 year, or sometimes 2, so we've compiled a list of games that could be leaving.

  • Undertale
  • Empire of Sin
  • Genesis Noir
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
  • Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator
  • Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Young Souls
  • Tunic
  • Paradise Killer
  • Shredders
  • The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk
  • Kraken Academy!!
  • Tainted Grail: Conquest
  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
  • A Memoir Blue
  • Crusader Kings 3
  • Weird West

There could be plenty of additions to this list, and many of these games might stick around on Xbox Game Pass for even longer, but it seems likely that we'll lose at least some of these in March 2023.

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