Minecraft: When will Update 1.21 come out?

Minecraft character running in world
Credit: Minecraft

Minecraft character running in world
Credit: Minecraft

As is the tradition every year, Mojang Studios is gearing up to unveil the next major Minecraft update, Minecraft 1.21, promising a host of exciting changes and features for players to look forward to. This anticipation has left fans eager to know one key question - When will Minecraft 1.21 come out? If you're one of those eager fans, you've come to the right place.

During the Minecraft Live virtual event, the Mojang team revealed some crucial details about the timeline for the release of Minecraft 1.21, along with additional insights regarding features. In this article, we'll delve into these details and provide you with all the information you need to stay up to date with the upcoming release. Let's get started!

When will Minecraft 1.21 come out?

For those eagerly anticipating the release of Minecraft 1.21, it might come as a bit of a disappointment as the release is still a few months away. According to the Game Director, Sophie Austin, in her recent Minecraft blog, Minecraft 1.21 is scheduled for release sometime in mid-2024.

It's worth noting that in the upcoming year, Mojang Studios will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of Minecraft. This significant milestone could indeed serve as another hint about the timeline for the release of Minecraft 1.21, adding an extra layer of anticipation for fans of the game.

Minecraft 1.21 Trial chamber
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Credit: Minecraft

Furthermore, Sophie also shared that the developers have not yet settled on the exact name for the update scheduled for next year. Therefore, "Minecraft 1.21" is just a temporary placeholder name. As the update's theme and features are finalized, the developers may choose a name that reflects the essence of the update, possibly just before its launch.

While the wait may be challenging, it's a good opportunity for players to look forward to what exciting new features and updates this version will bring to the Minecraft universe. Patience will be key as we await the release of this highly anticipated update.

Minecraft 1.21 updates expected features

One of the exciting features to look forward to in the upcoming 1.21 update is the addition of Trial Chambers. These can be thought of as underground structures that will be seamlessly integrated into the game map. The primary purpose of these Trial Chambers is to offer players distinctive and thrilling combat challenges. What makes them even more interesting is that each chamber will be generated slightly differently from the others.

These chambers typically have a central corridor leading to various rooms, which can contain supply chests, combat arenas, and cleverly designed traps. In addition, Trial Spawner will make swamping within chambers much more convenient.

Apart from this, There will be the addition of new decorative blocks which include copper doors, trapdoors, grates, and bulbs, as well as new tuff blocks. As we approach the update, we can expect more details and insights.

So, that is pretty much what you need to know about how Minecraft 1.21 release date. For more on the game be sure to check out how to breed horses in Minecraft.

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