E3 2021: When Does the Ubisoft Forward Presentation Start

There's something incredibly exciting about E3 2021. Maybe its the fact that the last year has been a bit of a baron landscape for gaming. Today marks Ubisoft's turn to show what they have coming up over the next year and beyond.

The Ubisoft Forward presentation will take place on 12 June 2021. We expect to hear from most of their major franchises whether it be new titles or support for existing live service games. When exactly does the presentation start though?

What Is The Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 Start Time

The Ubisoft Forward event will start at 8pm BST. The show is currently slated to last up to two hours, but may come in closer to 90 minutes with a possible post show being accounted for in this time.

If the show does in fact run for two whole hours this will hopefully meaning something for everyone is included.

What Do We Know About The Ubisoft Forward Presentation

So far, Ubisoft have been very upfront about their content. We know we'll be seeing more from Far Cry 6, which was also previewed back in May. There was also the recent name change for Rainbow Six: Quarantine to Rainbow Six: Extraction. When this was announced we were promised more detail during the Forward event.

Fans of the Beyond Good & Evil franchise will also be hoping for an update. All has been quiet from the prequel since 2018 and there's a real worry development might not be going as planned.

Beyond this we know that The Division will not feature in any way, this is because the team behind the mainline game and the new free-to-play title, Heartlands, have confirmed they will be skipping the event.

Will The Ubisoft Forward Feature Sign Language?

Yes, the Ubisoft Forward presentation will also be broadcast with American Sign Language. This option may only be available on the stream direct from the Ubisoft website. Now work on if Twitch or YouTube are able to host this without impeding the event for those who do not require it.

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