Skull & Bones' Release Date and Pre-Orders Have Seemingly Leaked

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Ubisoft's Skull & Bones, a multiplayer-first game set in the golden age of piracy, has become a bit of a running joke amongst gamers online. First being revealed back in 2017, Skull & Bones has mostly disappeared in the five years since.

This might not be the case for much longer, however, as both a brand new reveal and a potential leaked release date could see the game finally escape its decade-long development. Here's what we know.

Skull & Bones Release Date Leaked

The leak in question comes from the Twitter account Aggiornamenti Lumia, which reports on any listings added to the Xbox and Windows stores before they're publicly visible. According to them, the pirate-themed adventures will finally arrive on November 8th 2022.

Lumia also reported on the listed pre-order bonuses for the game including bonus missions, a "Smuggler Pass Token", a Premium Bonus Pack and a Digital Soundtrack and Artbook.

These pre-orders being listed suggests that a reveal for the game will be coming very soon, which matches reports from Tom Henderson when writing for TryHardGuides that suggest Skull & Bones will get its official re-reveal at the beginning of July. The report also suggests that the game would release between October 2022 and March 2023, making the 8th November 2022 release date a lot more likely. In fact, Henderson even replied to the tweet from Lumia confirming the date.

Further backing up this evidence of Skull and Bones getting a 2022 release date is a recent rating from the ESRB, which while not confirming the date does suggest it's on its way soon and will be playable on PC, Google Stadia, Xbox Series S|X and PS5.

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