Rugby 24 Delayed To 2024

Rugby 24

Rugby 24

Rugby fans will be happy to know that the simulation of this popular sport is coming out early in 2024. NACON and Big Ant Studios have confirmed the new Rugby 24 release date, and the game will be available on multiple platforms.

It will include plenty of new features and innovative gameplay to add more realism. Rugby 24 will be the most complete simulation ever.

Now, let’s check out the Rugby 24 release date and what developers said about the game.

Rugby 24 release date

Although initially planned to come out prior to the 2023 Rugby World Cup, due to the development of the game that took more time to finish, the new Rugby 24 release date is set for 30 January 2024. The new release date will be just days before the Six Nations tournament, which will start on 2 February 2024.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The developers worked hard to make Rugby 24 the most comprehensive and realistic simulation game to date. They were dedicated to improving the gameplay and incorporating all licensed teams in order to represent the sport accurately. Rugby 24 will include over 130 countries and 15 leagues.

However, due to the extensive amount of content they arre adding, the development process has taken longer than anticipated. The devs also encountered challenges in obtaining 3D photos of top teams' players using photogrammetry before the 2023 Rugby World Cup. That’s why they’ve made the decision to delay the release of Rugby 24 to next year, just before the Six Nations tournament. It means that more time for development will only result in better gameplay and will provide an even more authentic experience.

Talking about the developers, Big Ant Studios already worked on successful sports games such as AO Tennis 2, Tennis World Tour 2, and AFL 23. Undoubtedly, Rugby 24 will become an instant hit among rugby fans from around the world.

With the Rugby 24 release date now set, stay tuned for more information about the game in the following months.

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