Loud PS4 Fan? This Disgusting Image Probably Explains Why And How To Fix It

Is your PS4 loud? Like, really loud? Standing next to a Jet getting ready to take off, kinda loud.

Yeh, you're not alone.

In fairness to the smart piece of tech, the PS4 and PS4 Pro are both being pushed to their absolute limit with some games.

Just look at what it's able to achieve with The Last of Us Part 2 or Ghost of Tsushima on its ageing hardware.

Regardless of noise, it's hard to argue that the machine isn't working overtime, most of the time.

But it's very hard to feel immersed in games when it sounds as though your living room has been turned into a runway at Heathrow airport.

However, there is quite possibly a very good explanation for the loud PS4 fan noise.

This was recently pointed out to Redditors when user u/UncleVlady posted a picture of the inside of his PS4 to the r/PS4 subreddit.

You'll see below in all its horrible, disgusting glory.

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Yes, the PS4 and Pro both have a nasty habit of collecting dust inside the machine and surprise surprise it typically accumulates on the fan.

One thing leads to another and you have a very noise machine ruining your PlayStation experience.

And Sony knows this is a problem. Why else would they install a neat dust catcher that allows users to vacuum out all the horrible stuff without the need to start messing about with unscrewing the whole machine.

But alas, this neat feature is only on the PS5 and for the 100million or so PS4 users, we just have to make do with the old tried and tested method of getting inside the machine and giving it a good old clean.

Curious to know how?

The video below from How FixIt shows you what to do for a PS4 Pro, but it's worth noting that with any PS4, once you open the case you will most likely void your warranty.

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