OSRS is Coming to Steam: Release Date, 20th Anniversary, Reviews & more

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Old School Runescape has been a revival for the game that has been chugging along since 2001 - and OSRS isn't stopping anytime soon.

Let's go over OSRS on Steam, what we know about the move, and how fans can celebrate Runescape on its 20th Anniversary event.

OSRS is Heading to Steam

Steam is the biggest game marketplace today, and it's a fantastic community builder as well.

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THROWBACK: OSRS is a wonderful gaming throwback that is expanding on the game players fell in love with

These things make Steam the perfect fit for OSRS, which will release on the platform soon.

This release will follow up on the success of Runescape's own launch on Steam, with the more popular OSRS now following suit.

With Runescape posting an impressive 90% rate for positive reviews, OSRS is set to go even bigger.

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Release Date

OSRS will release on Steam on 26 February.

This will be a distant part of the Runescape 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Runescape 20th Anniversary

This year marks Runescape's second decade as a video game, and it's just as influential now as it was during its big run in the 2000's. In fact, even more so.

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THE GRIND: You'll never run out of goals in OSRS

OSRS set record player numbers in 2020, and we only expect bigger and better things in 2021 with its release on Steam!

While the Runescape 20th Anniversary event is behind us and the balloons have already dropped, the celebrations will continue into what should be a very successful year for OSRS.

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Runescape has managed nearly 11,000 player reviews since its Steam release on 14 October last year.

With OSRS' larger playerbase and the potential for returning players to hunt down nostalgia from the game they enjoyed so many years ago, that number could be reached in weeks!

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