Omega Strikers Vyce Build: Best gear, awakenings, & strategy

A character image of Vyce from Omega Strikers.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

A character image of Vyce from Omega Strikers.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

Vyce is one of the newest Strikers in Omega Strikers. She has extreme knockout potential, a strong scoring game, and is overall a great Bruiser in-game. She brings raw power, energy, and chaos to the Pro League in unmatched quantities.

Plus, the walls of sound she channels through her guitar is enough to send an entire opposing team flying off the arena. However, she's just warming up as stated in her character description. To learn how you can also wield Vyce as a guitar-smashing Striker, we've prepared this guide for you on an Omega Strikers Vyce Build.

Vyce is quite an electrifying player in Omega Strikers. Despite her strained relationship with her twin sister, Octavia, she's willing to step into the Pro League and possibly gain control of her resentment and reconcile with her sister.

Best gears for Vyce in Omega Strikers

Vyce is great to use for aggressive plays. If you pair her with any of these gears, you'll deal some serious damage to enemies and score some goals for sure:

A screenshot of Vyce from her promotional trailer in Omega Strikers.
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Credit: Odyssey Interactive
  • Pummelers - Your knockbacks hit players 10% farther. Gain 15% Speed whenever you have a Striker advantage.
  • Magnetized Soles - Crossing Midfield grants 30% Speed for 1s.
  • Siphoning Wand - Hits deal bonus damage equal to 5% of enemy's max Stagger over 2.5s, healing the user for the same amount.

Best awakenings for Vyce in Omega Strikers

For Vyce's awakenings build, this pairs great with her Secondary skill which summons a thunderbolt from the sky to a target location, hitting and stunning enemies for 0.75 seconds. You can greatly reduce its cooldown to use it a lot during matches.

  • Twin Drive - Secondary gains +1 charge and has 10% reduced cooldown.
  • Extra Special - Secondary gains +1 charge and has 10% reduced cooldown.

Best strategy for Vyce in Omega Strikers

Vyce's Primary ability which is the Power Chord, launches a lightning riff, hitting and slowing the first enemy struck before chaining Light hits to nearby enemies. This is very useful for chipping enemies down. When enemies are grouped up though, you can use your Special which is the Super Nova as this can cause enemies to spread out and break formation.

You must also take into account how interesting and powerful Vyce is overall. She may not be as quick as other characters such as Zentaro, but if you learn how to time her blink ability, you can take better opportunities to score goals and damage enemies.

There you have it, the best Omega Strikers Vyce build we have so far. We also have guides on Omega Strikers: Best goalies and Omega Strikers overtime if you're interested in that. You can also check out our piece on Omega Strikers training mode if you plan to get some practice.

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