Omega Strikers Rasmus Build: Best gear, awakenings, & strategy

A promotional image of Rasmus in Omega Strikers.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

A promotional image of Rasmus in Omega Strikers.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

Omega Strikers as a free-to-play 3v3 footbrawler game has a vast array of characters to choose from. You'll be able to smash opponents off the arena and score goals in this fast-paced and exciting game. Each Striker has a unique set of abilities that can turn the tides of each match and strike a goal to victory. One of these characters is Rasmus who's known as "The Captivating Playmaker" affiliated with Clarion Corp. As a Striker, we'll be diving into his build and abilities with our guide below on the Omega Strikers Rasmus Build.

Rasmus has several abilities such as the Whiplash, Pendulum Swing, and the Death Touch. He's quite an exceptional striker whose flashy plays never fail to captivate audiences or his opponents.

Best gear for Rasmus in Omega Strikers

Gear items in Omega Strikers are items that give various passive bonuses to Strikers during matches. These are usually selected during Striker select at the start of each match. For the best gear Rasmus can use in-game, continue reading below:

A promotional image of Rasmus in Omega Strikers.
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Credit: Odyssey Interactive
  • Vicious Vambrace - This gear item can restore Stagger equal to 25% of the damage you deal. It's great for goalies, allowing them to restore stagger equivalent to the damage Rasmus can give.
  • Slick Kicks - This gear is another recommendation for Rasmus as it can grant him 30% of Speed for 1.5 seconds after a strike.

Best awakenings for Rasmus in Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers also provides its own buffs. Awakenings can give various bonuses to Strikers during matches and are also selected at the start of a match and after every set. There are 34 different Awakenings to choose from. For Rasmus, we've covered

  • Rapid Fire - Primary cooldown is reduced by 33%
  • Missile Propulsion - Projectiles gain 70% travel or cast range and hit 15% harder
  • Perfect Form - Hits reduce other ability cooldowns by 12%
  • Twin Drive - Secondary gains +1 charge and has 10% reduced cooldown.
  • Hotshot - Character abilities hit the Core 10% harder and refund 30% of the ability's cooldown (once per cast).
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  • Primetime - Primary gains +1 charge and hits 10% harder

Best strategy for Rasmus in Omega Strikers

Rasmus as a striker outwits his opponents by moving the core and players in stunning ways. He wields his glowing chain sickle which is powered by Omega energy.

The Striker is a versatile mid-range player who excels at poking at opponents and forcing them into bad spots. his chain sickle requires precision but is able to be hard-hitting. Moreover. his special ability can pull both opponents and the core towards him.

Rasmus' Pendulum Swing has some range and a sweet spot to hit enemies for them to take more damage. You'll be required to learn how to make good positioning to maximize this. If you're hitting the Core with the Pendulum Swing, you may get some unexpected goals too.

In terms of the Whiplash, you can use this for the defense to intercept shots that are heading straight for goals. While on offense, you can catch opponents off guard by rushing the goalie.

Lastly, in terms of the Death Touch special, it has a variety of defensive and offensive uses. You can intercept Core shots, pull opponents out of position, and even steal the Core to line up your own shot. Be sure to use it carefully though due to its 20-second cooldown.

That's pretty much it on this guide for a Rasmus Build from Omega Strikers. if you like more guides like this, feel free to check out our other pieces such as our Omega Strikers: Best Goalies guide and how does overtime work in Omega Strikers.

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