Omega Strikers overtime - How does it work?

Multiple characters in Omega Strikers

Multiple characters in Omega Strikers

If you run into a situation where both teams are tied, then you will need to know how Omega Strikers overtime works. This is a very important topic and it could cost you the match.

Overtime is a special set of rules that allows tied teams to finally determine who is the winner of the match. These rules are slightly different and you should learn when overtime starts and how it works.

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How does Omega Strikers overtime work?

Two characters in Omega Strikers
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If you want to become a successful player, you will need to learn the rules of Omega Strikers overtime. These are not that difficult, but there are a couple of things you should be aware of. In case you don’t know how overtime works, your opponents can use it to gain an advantage over you.

Overtime is an important feature and here’s how it works:

  • In order to win in an Omega Strikers match, you will need to score five goals. Also, you will have to lead by two points. This means that if both teams score four goals each, you will need to get six points to win.
  • Overtime starts when the time of the match runs out. So, if you don't score enough goals in four minutes, you will have to deal with a new set of rules.
  • During overtime, the ball starts to move faster and the respawn time becomes really long. So any mistake leads to devastating consequences.
  • Overall, the main purpose of overtime is to avoid a situation where both teams are equal and neither of them can score enough goals. So, the game becomes more challenging to help the best team win.

Overtime is a crucial mechanic and we will be glad to help you learn how it works. Hopefully, with this information, you will win more matches!

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