Omega Strikers Octavia Build: Best gear, awakenings, & strategy

Octavia in Omega Strikers

Octavia in Omega Strikers

If you prefer to play aggressive characters that can outrun their enemies, then we recommend that you try our Omega Strikers Octavia build. This Striker is quite squishy, but her abilities are really powerful.

So, Octavia usually plays offensively, and your build should match this play style. Fortunately, the game has enough Gear and Awakenings to improve midfielders and forwards who prefer to be more aggressive. So, let’s find out what is the best build for Octavia in Omega Strikers!

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Best gear for Octavia in Omega Strikers

Octavia is a character with offensive abilities, and there are a couple of items that will help you improve her performance. Here is the best Gear you can equip your Octavia with:

Octavia in Omega Strikers
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  • Magnetic Soles – Gives you a nice Speed bonus every time you cross the center of the arena.
  • Slick Kicks – Increases your Speed when you Strike the core.

Both of these items are great choices for offensive midfielders. They will help your Octavia move faster by performing standard actions such as crossing the midfield or hitting the core.

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Best awakenings for Octavia in Omega Strikers

Octavia is a midfielder who is able to distract and control opponents. So, your Awakenings should improve her abilities that slow down your enemies and increase your movement speed. Here are some of the best passives:

Octavia in Omega Strikers
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  • Chronoboost – Improves your Haste ability and increases the duration of your buffs and debuffs. A perfect option for a character who can increase her own movement speed and inflict debuffs on enemies.
  • Cast to Last – Another great option for characters that have various buffs and debuffs. It increases the duration of both positive and negative effects.
  • Big Fish – Increases the size and max Stagger of your character. Octavia is a squishy Striker, and this Awakening will help you solve this problem.

Best Octavia strategy in Omega Strikers

One of the most important features of Octavia is her Speed buff, which can be refreshed by hitting anything. This bonus increases over time and this ability forces you to play aggressively. So, Octavia as a midfielder is very fast and able to punish her enemies for any mistake.

Also, she is able to slow down a couple of opponents with her Primary Skill. This ability is especially effective when you have the Speed buff active. As for the Special Skill, it allows Octavia to unleash five sound waves that knock your enemies back. It’s a very effective tool that can be used to break through opposing defenders and score a goal.

This is a fun character and we highly recommend you give her a try if you want to be fast and aggressive. Good luck and be careful, as Octavia herself can’t take much damage!

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