Omega Strikers Finii build

Omega Strikers: Finii

Omega Strikers: Finii

Our favorite MOBA has received a new character and today we would like to provide you with the best Omega Strikers Finii build. This rabbit girl is quite difficult to play, but once you figure out how her abilities work, you will become a huge problem for your opponents.

Fortunately, there are some good strategies that can be used with this character. Also, in this article, we will tell you about the best Gear and Awakenings for Finii in Omega Strikers.

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Best gear for Finii in Omega Strikers

As Finii, you will have to be aggressive and cross midfield quite often. So, your Gear needs to match this playstyle, and we know two great options. However, if you don’t like these items, then you are free to choose what suits you better. Here’s the recommended Gear for Finii in Omega Strikers:

  • Slick Kicks – Increases your movement speed when you strike the Core.
Omega Strikers: Finii
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  • Magnetized Soles – Makes you move faster when you cross the center of the field.

Best awakenings for Finii in Omega Strikers

Awakenings are special passives that you can get during the match. The most effective abilities are the ones that increase the power of your skills and the size of your creations. Here’s a list of some of the best options that we recommend you pay attention to:

  • Monumentalist – Doubles the size of your creations and increases their damage.
  • Hot Shot – Your abilities hit the Core stronger and get some cooldown reduction.
  • Missile Propulsion – Increases the range and damage of your projectiles.
  • Primetime – Gives your Primary Ability a second charge and increases its damage.
  • Rapid Fire – Increases recharge rate of your Primary Ability.
  • Timeless Creator – Increases the size and duration of your creations.
Omega Strikers: Finii
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Best strategy for Finii in Omega Strikers

Finii is a versatile character that can help defend her side of the field, launch a devastating attack on the opponents, and even help her fellow strikers to take out enemy players. We highly recommend that you focus on improving your Primary Ability, as it is your main source of goals and kills.

The skill launches a projectile in the chosen direction. If it does not encounter anything on its way, it will fly back with increased speed, range, and damage. So, it’s a very tricky ability that can help you deceive your opponents.

As for your Special Skill, it allows you to catch the Core in some kind of whirlwind. You can use this ability to control the ball and launch it in the direction you need.

Also, Finii has a nice Secondary Ability that makes your enemies vulnerable. This magic explosion inflicts the debuff that increases the damage the target takes by 30%.

As you can see, Finii is good at tricking her opponents and assisting her allies, which makes her an amazing striker to play. She may be difficult to learn and master, but the result will definitely be worth it.

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