Minecraft: Are worlds infinite?

A screenshot of a vast Minecraft world.
Credit: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios

A screenshot of a vast Minecraft world.
Credit: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios

Minecraft offers limitless possibilities for fun and adventure. Its world is quite vast and its narrative is open-ended, dependent on how players see their playing experience. Today, we'll be exploring if Minecraft worlds are actually infinite or not to see if there are ends to these generative worlds.

When players create a new world in Minecraft, the game algorithmically generates biomes, terrain, landscapes, and mobs for the player to interact with. The world you spawn in and move around continues to generate as you explore.

Are Minecraft worlds infinite?

A screenshot of a jungle forest in Minecraft.
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Credit: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios

While Minecraft's generative worlds seem like an endless sea of blocks, most people in the community think of Minecraft worlds as infinite. However, they are not. In reality, a Minecraft world's size or "state of infinite-ness" is dependent on a player's hardware. Minecraft has a limit of world generation depending on how much your gear can handle.

So technically, while Minecraft worlds appear to be infinite they actually aren't. It's just that players haven't fully explored the world Minecraft has to offer. As most players explore a couple of thousand blocks when adventuring, it will certainly take a long time to cover 30,000,000 blocks in just one generated world.

How big are Minecraft worlds?

A screenshot of a generated village in a Minecraft world.
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Credit: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios

Lately, Minecraft has expanded its generative worlds. Players can explore thousands of blocks, seeming that there's no end to a Minecraft world. This opens endless adventures for players. But how really big are Minecraft worlds?

In theory, a Minecraft world can reach up to around 30 million blocks in each direction from a player's spawn point. This is found from trying to teleport to a coordinate of X/Z of -+30,000,000 blocks in which players cannot go beyond these coordinates. Additionally, as a single block in-game equals the measurement of one real-world meter, it can also be theorized that Minecraft worlds can expand to around 60 million meters which is quite huge for such a game.

Do Minecraft worlds have an end?

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft worlds do have an end of the coordinates of -+ 30,000,000 blocks. But did you know that in previous versions of Minecraft, players were able to see the edges of Minecraft world maps? These were indicated by what was called "Far Lands" which are blocks players couldn't pass through.

Additionally, once you hit the border of a Minecraft world, you'll most likely run into a translucent wall that players can't pass. This has a similar effect for reaching the 127th block in the Nether as players will hit bedrock, not being able to go beyond that.

So yes, technically Minecraft worlds do have an end but they don't seem like an end because of how far they look in-game. You can try checking out the borders of your Minecraft world by teleporting to the aforementioned block coordinates, but be warned that this may exhaust your hardware a lot since the game only automatically generates the blocks your device can handle. Suddenly teleporting to those coordinates is something you should think over first.

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