How to Level Up Fast in New World

When you embark on your journey in New World, there can be moments where level progression becomes a bit of a grind. We've got some tips and tricks to help combat this and ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Here's how to level up fast in New World

Main Quests

The primary questline is one of the quickest ways to level up in New World. This doesn't mean that combat isn't effective but it's not advisable to use it as a primary levelling up method early on in the game.

New World Fast XP
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Main Missions are great for XP

To help speed things up you'll want to use Fast Travel, Shrines and Inn Recall to make sure you're moving around as fast as possible. Journey time between objectives can slow things down to a snail's pace due to the lack of mounts in the game.

Town/Faction Missions

Completing Town Missions can be great for XP, even though the rewards have been reduced since the initial closed beta. What still makes them effective for earning XP is their simplicity. Often you will see gathering missions where you already have all or most of the items or resources being requested.

Town and Faction Missions New World
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For Faction missions, you can accept three at a time and they usually revolve around combat. This allows you to get some good combat XP in then report back to hand in your missions. Again, effective fast travel is required to get the most out of these missions. If you can land three missions in a similar area, even the on-foot travel time makes it worth it.

Territory Levelling

As you increase your standing within each territory, you'll be able to select bonuses and rewards. For each territory, there is usually an option to increase the XP you earn within it. Selecting this option as early as possible, especially within the first territory, Monarch Bluffs will aid your progression.

New World Territory Upgrades
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You can find your territory perks in the Map menu

You can also increase your resource gathering speeds which can help increase the XP of your Trade Skills.

Fighting Aggro'd Enemies

When in a busy area it can be tricky to gain the attention of enemies but that doesn't mean you can't attack them. In New World, an enemy may focus on the first player to hit or aggro it, but all other players in the area can still help out.

New World Aggro Enemies
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By doing this, even just getting a single hit, will award you with combat XP when the enemy is defeated. Using this method rather than standing around waiting for spawns can earn you XP faster than just soloing enemies for pride.

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