How to Check What Games Are Steam Deck Compatible?

With the Steam Deck now getting into the hands of more users across the globe, many gamers are starting to wonder how much of their ever-increasing Steam libraries are now playable on the go.

Luckily for us, Valve has devised a ranking system to show which games are fully compatible with Steam Deck and which aren't and is constantly reviewing games in their catalogue to add to the growing roster of now-portable titles.

Here's all you need to know about the system.

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Steam Deck's Game Compatibility System

The way Valve's new verification system for Steam Deck works is that every game on Steam is assigned one of four ranks based on how compatible and playable they are on the system. The four tiers of compatibility on Steam Deck are "Verified", "Playable", "Unsupported" and "Unknown".

You can find each of these different symbols next to every game you click into while browsing your Steam library for titles to play, making it really easy to see what games are best suited for the Steam Deck. Below you can find a breakdown of each symbol and what it means.

Steam Deck - Verified

Steam Deck Verified Compatibility Image
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Games that are Steam Deck Verified are the titles which pass all of Valve's compatibility checks and are well optimized for play on the system. A lot of games that are verified will have some kind of Steam Deck preset, making full use of the inputs available.

Some good examples of Steam Deck compatible games are the ports of PlayStation games like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, both of which are now playable on the go. As of writing, there are over 1,700 verified games on Steam

Steam Deck - Playable

Steam Deck Compatibility Playable List
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Titles that are under the "Playable" category on Steam Deck are playable but either don't meet all of the compatibility tests Valve put games through or require some extra steps to be fully enjoyable.

A lot of the games in this category are still perfectly playable but don't use all of the features the Steam Deck has to offer. There are over 1,800 titles currently in this category such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Steam Deck - Unsupported

Steam Deck Games Compatibility Unsupported
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The unsupported mark is for games that will simply not function on the Steam Deck due to an incompatibility of some kind. Some of the most common titles that will be considered unsupported are VR games like Half-Life: Alyx which are made to be played through a VR headset and not on a Steam Deck.

Steam Deck - Unknown

Steam Deck Games Compatibility Unknown
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Currently, the most common category you will find when browsing your library on a Steam Deck, Unknown means that this game has yet to be tested for compatibility by Valve. Games are constantly being tested for their compatibility and with over 69,000 games being listed on Steam and growing? It may take a while for a lot of games to get their answer.

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