The Secret Room of Requirement Chests in Hogwarts Legacy that Deek won't tell you about

Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium

Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium

Hogwarts Legacy is now well underway, and the new adventure in the Wizarding World has been a delight, from the huge open world to the Nostalgia-tinted quests. There are awesome spell combos to learn and fantastic beasts to tame, and that's just the beginning.

If you're looking to grab the Platinum Trophy, or 100% completion of the game, you'll need to pick up every chest in the game. Here's everything you need to know about a few that you may not have come across just yet in your Room of Requirement.

Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium Chests Locations

Each Vivarium has three chests you'll need to collect, scattered around their maps which are larger than you might expect. You'll need to first progress with the main story, then complete Deek's quest line to unlock all 4 vivariums.

Grass Biome

Hogwarts Legacy Grass Vivarium
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  • Chest 1 - Head north immediately after entering this biome.You will find the first box after you have crossed two elevation levels in this general direction.
  • Chest 2 - From the entrance of the biome, head southwards towards the trail beside the big rock. Follow this to the end and jump onto the area below it to find the second Vivarium chest in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Chest 3 - Drop further down from where you found Chest 2, and you will find a cave to your left. Inside this cave, you'll find the third Vivarium chest.

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Coastal Biome

Hogwarts Legacy Coastal Vivarium
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  • Chest 4 - Enter the Coast Biome and head north until you reach the first ledge. After climbing up onto it, head straight and then take the first right to find the fourth Vivarium chest.
  • Chest 5 - After collecting the first box in this biome, take a U-turn onto the beach and head east towards the water. Across the water, you'll spot a rocky island. Climb up onto the island to locate the eighth Vivarium chest in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Chest 6 - Head north-west from the second Coastal biome chest to find a cave. Inside, you'll find the final chest in this biome, and your sixth overall.

Swamp Biome

Hogwarts Legacy Swamp Vivarium
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  • Chest 7 - Take a U-turn as soon as you enter this biome and head towards the light. Once you reach there, climb up the ledge on that piece of land to find the first chest.
  • Chest 8 - Stand with your back to the gate, you will see a large piece of rock with a light to the west. Climb this rock and go to the end, where you'll find a tree trunk with some light. Here, you'll find the second Dark biome chest.
  • Chest 9 - The final chest in the Dark biome is further away than most. Turn eastwards and jump onto the adjacent island. From here, turn north and head straight until you reach a mound. Climb onto it to reach a cave, where you'll have to first use Confringo to break a cobweb and then use Revelio to clear the fog. You will find the sixth Vivarium chest in Hogwarts Legacy inside this cave.
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Mountain Biome

Hogwarts legacy Mountain vivarium
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  • Chest 10 - Head south-west after you enter this biome and climb up to three levels of elevation to find the first hidden chest in this biome.
  • Chest 11 - Get down to the second level of elevation and then go left instead of forward. Once you descend from her, you'll find an arch of rocks. Go through it and head right to the end of the path to find the second chest in this biome.
  • Chest 12 - Exit the same arch that you entered through and head northwards towards the abandoned building. Enter the building and go through its two entrances on the right, you may have to use some fire spells to break through the cobwebs. You can find the final Vivarium chest in Hogwarts Legacy here.

Vivarium Chests Rewards

These chests are definitely worth the short grind, as you'll need them to complete all your collections and 100% the game. They will also contain some fantastic blueprints for spicing up your Room of Requirement and Vivariums.

There are a few other things you'll be able to collect from your Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy, besides the feathers and fur from your beasts. Potion ingreadients like Ashwinder eggs are abundant, which is a blessing since they can be a pain to find in the world.

You can also find a ton of moonstone dotted about, which is crucial if you're keen to use the blueprints you just collected. Don't miss out on the other achievements the Vivarium has in store, like breeding every beast in the game.

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