Genshin Impact Keqing Build: Best weapons, artifacts & team comps

Keqing in Genshin Impact

Keqing in Genshin Impact

There are many different characters in Genshin Impact, each with their own personality, history, and features that should be taken into account when choosing equipment and team to maximise their effectiveness on the battlefield. In this build guide for Keqing in Genshin Impact, you will find the best weapons, artifacts, and team comps for this character.

Below, we will also tell you about the history of Keqing, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of this character. Rest assured, you will be able to create the best build for this her, depending on your playstyle, using the information from this guide.

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Who is Keqing?

Keqing in Genshin Impact
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Keqing is a young, hardworking, and earnest individual with great ambitions that she can confidently realise as she holds the esteemed position of Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. Her opinion and views on current affairs often do not coincide with the opinion of others, so because of Keqing's stubbornness and high expectations, many of her employees are compelled to resign. The main reason for this is that Keqing believes that humanity should not rely on the support of the Gods and control their own destiny. To prove this, she works harder than everyone else.

Strengths and weaknesses

Keqing is a melee unit that deals Electro damage and has good mobility due to the Elemental Skill that allows her to teleport. This skill can also hit enemy weak points and has a low cooldown. She also has a very good Ascension 1 Talent that turns all attacks into electric attacks for a short time. You have the option to build Keqing as a Physical damage dealer or Electro damage dealer, but if you choose the Physical path, it is better not to use Ascension 1.

Her weakness is that her Charged Attack consumes a lot of stamina, so despite the skill that restores it, you may still lack it. Also, as a hero with a sword and electric attacks, it can be difficult for her to fight opponents with long-range attacks, AoE abilities, and Electro-resistant shields.

When choosing equipment for Keqing, take into account whether you are doing a Physical or Electro build. Since this hero is the main damage dealer, when choosing weapons and artifacts, you just need to choose those that give the highest damage buff. Weapons and artifacts from our list mainly increase crit DMG or crit rate, as well as Elemental DMG and Physical DMG, so you should choose the ones that are best suited for your build.

Best weapons for Keqing

Since her release, Keqing was deemed a mediocre DPS unit with average stats for a 5-star character. However, with the introduction of the element of Dendro, Keqing has been thriving. She is more often than not placed in high-tier Quicken and Aggravate teams.

To maximise her Electro prowess and synergy with Dendro, we recommend you use the following weapons:

Mistsplitter Reforged
Gain a 12% Elemental DMG Bonus for a character's Elemental Type. At stacks 1/2/3, Elemental DMG is further increased by 8/16/28%. Each stack has an individual duration and are gotten through: • Normal Attacks with Elemental DMG (duration 5s) • Casting an Elemental Burst (duration 10s) • Having less than 100% Energy (disappears at full Energy)
Primordial Jade Cutter
HP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder’s Max HP.
The Black Sword
At R1: Increases DMG dealt by Normal and Charged Attacks by 20%. Additionally, regenerates 60% of ATK as HP when Normal and Charged Attacks score a CRIT Hit. This effect can occur once every 5s.
Amenoma Kageuchi
After casting an Elemental Skill, gain 1 Succession Seed. This effect can be triggered once every 5s. The Succession Seed lasts for 30s. Up to 3 Succession Seeds may exist simultaneously. After using an Elemental Burst, all Succession Seeds are consumed and after 2s, the character regenerates 6 Energy for each seed consumed.
Keqing in Genshin Impact
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Best artifacts for Keqing

For artifacts, Keqing's choices are quite straightforward. For Aggravate teams, you should equip Thundering Fury to maximise her damage output. In non-Aggravate teams, Thundering Fury paired with Gladiator's Finale would be your best bet. For Physical DPS Keqing, go for Pale Flame.

Artifact Bonuses
Main Stats
Aggravate Electro Main DPS
Thundering Fury
4-Piece: Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, and Hyperbloom by 40%, and the DMG Bonus conferred by Aggravate is increased by 20%. When Quicked or the aforementioned Elemental Reactions are triggered, Elemental Skill CD is decreased by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s
Sands: Elemental Mastery or ATK% - Goblet: Electro DMG Bonus - Circlet: CRIT Rate/DMG
Non-Aggravate Electro Main DPS
Thundering Fury / Gladiator's Finale
2-Piece: Electro DMG Bonus +15% / 2-Piece: ATK +18%
Sands: ATK% - Goblet: Electro DMG Bonus - Circlet: CRIT Rate/DMG
Physical DPS
Pale Flame
4-Piece Bonus When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, ATK is increased by 9% for 7s. This effect stacks up to 2 times and can be triggered once every 0.3s. Once 2 stacks are reached, the 2-set effect is increased by 100%.
Sands: ATK% - Goblet: ATK - Circlet: CRIT Rate/DMG
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Best teams for Keqing

Keqing is a pretty strong character for which you should build a good team that will complement her strengths. When building a team, you should add at least one hero that will maintain a Quicken buff. This list includes Kazuha and Yelan, who are quite useful heroes for a team with Keqing as they give her DMG buffs that will help her deal even more Electro DMG. If you will be fighting against opponents who are not subject to freezing, then a team of heroes focused on Electro DMG is perfect for this. Below you can see a list of heroes that create great synergy with Keqing:

  • Fischl
  • Nahida
  • Zhongli
  • Collei
  • Kazuha
  • Shinobu
  • Yelan

There are a lot of characters in Genshin Impact, and it can be difficult to find a good build for each of them, even for an experienced player. We hope that our guide on Keqing helped you understand what items you should use for this character.

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