Gamescom 2022 Awards: Check Out Our Game of the Show!

Now that Gamescom 2022 is in the books, we here at RealSport101 wanted to take the time to hand out some awards. After being fortunate enough to see well over 30 games in various capacities, we’re going to try and narrow it down to five of the best and one overall winner.

We’ll be dividing this up as five ‘Best in Show’ titles and one overall winner of ‘Game of the Show’. We’ll be sure to talk about the specifics that made each game worthy of an award as well as just what we got to see or play of each title. So, here are our picks for the best games from Gamescom 2022!

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Scars Above - Best in Show

We’re kicking things off with a game you may very well never have even heard of. Scars Above is a sci-fi action adventure title that knows exactly what it wants to be, at least, that’s the impression we got following a considerable amount of time with the game at Gamescom 2022.

Scars Above screenshot plus realsport101 best in show award
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With some clear Returnal vibes, Scars Above takes the focus off hardcore combat and places emphasis on building a story within its world. There is so much to love about the Metroidvania exploration and elemental combat and every moment we spent with the game was a joy. We’re excited to see more and more of this game as we get closer to release.

System Shock - Best in Show

It’s setting up to be quite the run for horror games as the industry sees a big boom in quality spooky content. While the reboot of System Shock didn’t bring a ton of jumpscares to the table in the playable slice that we got our hands on, there was undoubtedly an eerie atmosphere that kept us on our toes throughout.

system shock remake gamescome 2022 realsport101 best in show
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It looks like System Shock will be faithful to the series name and bring a first-class atmosphere and sci-fi gameplay and plenty of puzzles and intense combat scenarios.

Alone in the Dark - Best in Show

Alone in the Dark is a slightly strange game to include in the list for one main reason, we didn't actually learn anything new about the game. What we did see and play is the 'Grace in the Dark' playable teaser which helped hype us up that little bit more.

alone in the dark gamescom 2022 realsport101 best in show award
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The tense atmosphere that has been promised is certainly present and it was a nice little intro to how the full game might look and play. Putting this short teaser together with everything we know about the game from its reveal, we've confident that Alone in the Dark could surprise a few people when it's released!

AEW Fight Forever - Best in Show

What appears to be a game that has surprised everyone in its first major public outing, AEW Fight Forever is taking something we already know and reaffirming it... Nostalgia sells.

It would be unfair to say that AEW Fight Forever is nothing more than a nod to the past as it actually does a lot to bring classic tropes back with a modern feel.

aew fight forever gamescom 2022 realsport101 best in show
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Despite only a singles match being playable with six superstars to choose from, the gameplay feels incredibly tight and the visuals are a great fit with a slightly cartoonish and exaggerated look picked over outright realism.

Overall, the right people are working on this title as AEW Games have teamed up with Yuke’s and THQ Nordic as the publisher on what will hopefully be the first of many AEW video game ventures.

Dead Island 2 - Best in Show

Revealed as a surprise at the end of Opening Night Live, Dead Island 2 didn't make the best impression with its re-reveal trailer. We can confidently say, however, that the game itself looks stunning and plays beautifully.

dead island 2 gamescom 2022 realsport101 best in show
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It’s fun to run around taking it to the zombie horde once again and despite only playing a short section of the game, which culminated with a brilliant boss fight, it seems like the game is finally in a much better state than it ever has been before. We’re almost certain that developer Dambuster is keeping a few surprises up their sleeves with reveals still to come.

Metal: Hellsinger - Game of the Show

Where do we even begin with Metal: Hellsinger?! We had already played the demo before Gamescom 2022 and were more than happy to take the opportunity to play even more. Better yet, we even got some interview time with David Goldfarb and Shila Vikström who were a pleasure to chat to.

metal hellsinger realsport101 game of the show for gamescom 2022
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We also attended the Metal: Hellsinger concert at Gamescom 2022 which was the most surreal experience ever. It's starting to become impossible to ignore this game and early signs suggest we're in for something special when it's released.

A completely unique gaming experience in 2022 isn't an easy thing to come by. Metal: Hellsinger looks to be just that and we expect it to be a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish.

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