FF14 Endwalker Expansion: Early Access Release Time & How to Unlock

Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion was pushed back by two weeks, but that hasn't harmed the anticipation from the fans. FF14's Endwalker Expansion is going to be the largest update in the game's history and is expected to shatter player count records when it comes out. However... When actually does it come out? We have everything you need to know about the time Endwalker is due to release - at least if you have Early Access, anyway.

RELEASE TIME - Endwalker Expansion Early Access

FF14's Endwalker Expansion is due to launch in Early Access at the following times:

  • 01:00 PST - December 3rd
  • 04:00 EST - December 3rd
  • 09:00 GMT - December 3rd

This is a few days before Endwalker is expected to be fully released - on December 7th - so you might be wondering what you need to do in order to get Early Access and the extra time with the content coming with the Endwalker Expansion. We've got you covered...

EARLY ACCESS - How do you get access to this?

If you want an Early Access code, you need to pre-order the FF14 Endwalker Expansion - it's that simple, really!

When you do have FF14's Endwalker Expansion pre-ordered, you should be able to redeem the code at the Mog Station, logging in with your Square Enix account before adding the code to the Service Account section of the application.

This should allow you to download the Endwalker Expansion as soon as the Early Access period starts. If you're looking to get to grips with Final Fantasy XIV, you can check out some useful tips below:

In addition to this, you can check out the preliminary Patch Notes for the Endwalker Expansion update below - expect to see a few Quality of Life changes thrown into the new content!

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