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College football is one of the biggest sports in North America. With passionate fans, long-time rivalries, and amazing athletes, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with it. So, when EA announced the return of its College Football game, fans were very excited about it.

With the release of EA Sports College Football getting closer by the day, EA has been working hard on the licensing department. Working with many players and colleges, to find a way to bring all the FBS players to EA Sports College Football.

It seems EA found a way for that to happen, so let's check it out.

EA Sports College Football licensing agreement

EA Sports has announced it reached an agreement with OneTeam Partners. The publisher contracted OneTeam Partners to make it easy for the image and name of the college athletes to make it into the game.

With this partnership, all eligible FBS players will have the chance to opt into having their name, and likenesses in the game. Players will also be compensated for being in the game. This will provide users with a much better gaming experience, and bigger immersion.

However, EA Sports is still figuring out some details, such as the payment structure. The goal is to be as fair as possible, with every player receiving a fair payment for his image rights.

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If the player opts to not be in the game. Then, EA Sports will create a generic avatar in the place of that player. It's also likely that most players that opt to be in the game, will have a face scan of their likenesses.

College Football Schools

So far, there are more than 120 FBS schools that have committed to participate in the game. These schools have reached an image licensing agreement with EA Sports, and it's expected most of the players from those schools do too.

However, there are still a small number of schools, such as Notre Dame, that won't agree to be in the game until compensation for their image rights has been worked out.

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Hopefully, EA Sports will be able to reach an agreement with all the schools. This would make the game even more attractive, and massively improve the immersion of players in the title.

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