Dying Light 2 delayed for Nintendo Switch

Dying Light 2 is now just around the corner and the world is preparing to get back into Harran. Unfortunately, if you're looking to play on Nintendo Switch, there's some bad news.

Dying Light 2 Delayed on Nintendo Switch

In some surprising news, given how close it is to release, Dying Light 2 has been delayed on Nintendo Switch. This gives it a little more time to perfect it on such a small screen.

Expect more updates and a concrete release date closer to release.

Why was Dying Light 2 delayed?

It's important to note that the Nintendo Switch is a very weak machine in regards to raw power. Its 1st party titles manage to work well but 3rd party games need to optimise them hard or they may never run.

The team behind Dying Light 2 opted to make it a cloud service game as opposed to a physical one. This comes with some great upsides, alongside severe downsides.

It allows games to run on hardware they likely shouldn't and doesn't take up nearly the storage a standard game does.

Dying Light 2 Nintendo Switch
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In return, anyone with poor internet will have a very bad experience and inconsistencies in your connection can cut you out. As well as this, you likely won't play it on the go as you don't know what your connection is going to be like.

Cloud games effectively get rid of one of the Nintendo Switch's biggest selling points.

This tech is still being developed so it seems likely that they need more time to get the experience they really want. Dying Light 2 has been in development for some time and has already seen a delay so it seems likely they would prefer to delay a good game than publish a bad one. Hopefully, we will see more soon.

If you're looking to pre order the game, check out our guide here.

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