Does Omega Strikers have a training mode?

Multiple characters in Omega Strikers

Multiple characters in Omega Strikers

If you've ever played Brawl Star, you may have heard of a game mode called Brawlball. Omega Strikers is a full-fledged game based on this mode, in which players compete in 3 versus 3 matches. And if you're already playing this game, you've probably wondered if Omega Strikers has a training mode.

Most games have a training mode where players can level up their skills or just have fun. If you ever wanted to practice before a big game, you've probably looked for a practice mode. Read this article to learn more!

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Does Omega Strikers have a training mode?

Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you: the game doesn’t provide a training mode for players.

Two characters in Omega Strikers
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As you can see in the screenshot above, the main menu only has a Play button that will take you to a simple match. But still, there are some options to practice without losing your precious rating.

Practice makes Perfect

One of the ways to practice without losing your rating is to play a non-ranked mode, where you can take a break from tense games, or just have fun without losing rating points.

The second method will be available to you if your friends also play the game, or if you have found friends while playing matches. You can create a local match and invite people from your friends list to join you and hone your skills together.

That's all for today, but don't be disappointed, because the game was released relatively recently and the developers may add a training mode. If this guide was informative for you, you can check other articles on our website! For example, here we have a list of the best TV for sports games.

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