Can You Still Get Aloy in Genshin Impact?

Aloy in Genshin Impact

Aloy in Genshin Impact

Aloy was the first character in Genshin Impact to arrive in the game as a result of a collaboration. But that collab with Horizon Zero Dawn (Sony) happened in 2021, so you're probably wondering if you can still get Aloy in Genshin Impact.

Aloy is a five-star Cryo archer, so her giveaway was a real treat for HoYoverse fans. She was available for free just by logging into the game, but it appears that players will no longer have this opportunity. If you want more details, keep reading!

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Can you still get Aloy in Genshin Impact?

Aloy in Genshin Impact
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In short, in 2023, Aloy is unavailable. It's been two years since her release, but Aloy hasn't had any banners or constellations since then. Aloy is the main protagonist of the Horizon game series, but even during the release of Horizon: Forbidden West in 2022, there were no events related to this character, even though it seemed like the best opportunity for this.

From this, we can conclude that new players in Genshin Impact will no longer be able to get Aloy, and she will remain on the accounts of those who played the game in 2021. Only they can still boast of having one of the rarest characters in the game. The rest of us can only hope that HoYoverse will give us the opportunity to recruit her in the future.

Genshin Impact Aloy release date

The Aloy giveaway event took place on 1 September 2021, during the 2.1 update. Later, in October of the same year, the 2.2 update was released, and users of mobile devices were able to get her as well.

Players had to reach Adventure Rank Level 20 to obtain a copy of Aloy, but fortunately, the character card remained in the mailbox for a whole year, so everyone could have time to raise their level and get the exclusive character.

A screenshot of Aloy from Genshin Impact.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Aloy caused a real stir because, in addition to being from an entirely different game, she was also a pretty strong five-star character. Just like in Horizon Zero Dawn, she was an archer and got her own four-star bow in Genshin Impact. It can be used by anyone, but only Aloy gets a special buff from it.

That was all the information about whether Aloy can still be obtained in Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, the answer is no, but we hope that HoYoverse will give you the opportunity again.

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