Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Pyramid Island Maze Guide

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: multiple characters

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: multiple characters

In Team Reptile's Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you will encounter many obstacles and puzzles that can take a long time to complete. One of them is the Pyramid Island maze, filled with many secrets and useful finds. Read on to find out how to complete the Pyramid Island maze in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

On the way to the exit, you can find a unique Vinyl's Winter outfit and some penguins for your collection. Follow our instructions to successfully complete the maze and collect all possible finds along the way.

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How to complete Pyramid Island Maze in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

After exploring Pyramid Island for a long time, you can stumble upon the Crate Maze, which consists of 10 rooms with many opportunities for manoeuvring. Many players go there to find the missing graffiti, but few know about Vinyl's Winter outfit, which is hidden in one of the rooms.

Below, we will provide all the instructions on how to go through the maze and find all the graffiti, penguins, and the unique outfit.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: the map of the maze
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The first thing we want to start with is the map of the maze, which you can see in the image above. Each room has its own name. Most of them have several doors that will either take you further or take you back, so it's important to understand where you're going, so you don't get confused in the maze system.

You will need 200 REP to enter the maze, if you have less, head back until you reach this number.

Entrance Room

Once inside, you'll find yourself in the Entrance Room, and the first thing you need to pay attention to is a window on the left with garbage bags near it. Go to it and use the camera to take a picture of the penguin located there.

We won't bombard you with all the passages that will be in the rooms so as not to confuse you, but instead, we will point out the entire path from the beginning of the maze to the end and the key places you need to visit. So, use the passage to the right of the entrance to get to the Right Room.

Right Room

Once in this room, you can see one graffiti spot, which is not difficult to get to. Also, immediately to the left of the entrance, you can see several containers hanging in the air. Jump over them to get to the endpoint, where there will be a red trash can and another penguin behind it.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Right Room
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Once you've painted over the graffiti and taken a picture of the penguin, head into the passageway that's at the bottom left to get to the Sky Room.

Sky Room

This room is called this way because you can see the open sky here. Basically, you can find two graffiti spots here, and one of them is in quick access right in front of you. You can reach the second one if you go up the vending machines.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Sky Room
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There's nothing else in this room, and after you are done, you need to go back to the beginning to complete the maze more efficiently. To accomplish this, use the passage located near the first graffiti. Now, when you find yourself back in the Entrance Room, go to the left of the entrance to get to the Drop Room.

Drop Room

Here you will find one graffiti and a penguin. You can get to graffiti using jump pads. Calculate the trajectory, and then draw new graffiti in the air. As for the penguins, you can spot it by approaching the glass, which is located near the door on one side of the room.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Drop Room
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When you're done, go to the passage to the right of the place you came from to get to the Ramen Room.

Ramen Room

Here you can find two graffiti, but access only one of them. Don't worry, you'll be able to get to the other one later.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Ramen Room
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Even though the room is giant, there is nothing much to do here, so when you are done with the graffiti, move to the passage opposite the entrance you came from. You'll need to jump to get to it, but it's not hard, and then you'll be in the Pit Room.

Pit Room

This is probably the strangest room of all because almost all of its area is occupied by a huge pit. By jumping down, you can get to the eerie Old Amsterdam Room which serves as a small piece of lore. There are no collectables.

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Pit Room
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In addition, there is one graffiti in the Pit Room, which you can paint using the jump pad, as well as a penguin that you will see if you raise your head. After doing all the necessary things here, go to the passage to the right of the place where you entered to get to the Blue Tower Room.

Blue Tower Room

This is a fairly straightforward room because you can find two graffiti spots without trying hard. You can see them right away, as well as a penguin sitting on a tower of containers.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Blue Tower Room
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Here you can use the passageway that is on the elevation. It will lead you to the Ramen Room, but to the upper part, where another graffiti is located. Paint over it and go back to the Blue Tower Room.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Blue Tower Room
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To continue on, you will need to use the path that will take you back to the Pit Room, and then go to another passage that is at a height to get to the Blue Room.

Blue Room

While here, you can see two graffiti on the walls, and you don't need to do anything complicated to paint over them. Also, in the middle of the room, there will be a tall structure made of containers, on top of which is Vinyl's Winter outfit.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Blue Room
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You'll definitely want to get it, so use the hydrant to get to the top. Just walk up to it, jump in, and spin around, and then you can hop to the top of the structure and pick up the outfit.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Blue Room
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When you're done, you'll need to go to the passage to the right of where you came in to get to the Devil Room.

Devil Room

This is the last room, or rather the corridor, that will be on your way. All that is here is a penguin sitting at a table, and it's quite difficult not to notice it. Take a picture of him and move forward to the exit of the maze. This will complete your journey.

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