Blood Bowl 3 COUNTDOWN - Release time, download size, and more

Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 is very nearly here, so if you're after something a little different from sports games get hyped.

Dropping to all platforms, this turn-based fantasy game is a take on the NFL you've certainly never seen before, and promises to be quite the spectacle.

Whether you're a fan of the board game, the series, or you're new to the scene, we've got everything you need to know. Here's how you can get in on the action as soon as possible.

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Blood Bowl 3 Release Time

After a delay to 2023 from its original release date, fans have been waiting quite some time for the release of the new installment in the franchise. If gameplay showcases are anything to go by though, it will have been well worth it.

Blood Bowl 3 will drop on Thursday, 23 February 2023, to all platforms.

The release date is set for all platforms except the Nintendo Switch, which has been delayed to later on it 2023.

The smaller screen means that the UI has had to be custom tailored to the platform, hence the later release window.

Download Size

The great news for fans is that Blood Bowl 3 will be very easy on your hard drive, unlike many 2023 releases. While we don't have an exact figure just yet, we do know a rough estimate from the system requirements.

The game will clock in at under 12GB, as given by the required memory to install the game. This will include any additional content you might pick up from pre-ordering the Black ORcs, Imperial Nobility, or Brutal editions.

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