The Top 5 Best Free Sports Games

Rocket League
Credit: Psyonix LLC

Rocket League
Credit: Psyonix LLC

These are the video games that we think are the best free sports games available now. Free-to-play games are more popular than ever, and the free video game genre is getting better each year.

Most video games cost you to play, and the free-to-play market used to be relatively poor when compared to triple-A titles. However, times have changed and there are some huge examples of free-to-play games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone.

So, with that in mind, we're going to bring you what we think are the best five free sports games available to download right now!

Best Free Sports Games

Video gaming has never been more expensive than it is now. The standard price of a triple-A title on release date in the UK is now typically £69.99. Special editions can easily run into £100 or more, depending upon the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone
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Credit: Infinity Ward

Gaming consoles such as Xbox Series X | S and the PlayStation 5 still cost over £400 new, despite recent reductions. That's all while the sky's the limit for gaming PCs.

So, when a game is free-to-play and good, that is a huge bonus for all gamers, regardless of your budget. Free-to-play games were usually reserved for mobile, but times have changed as top-quality games can sometimes be free from the off.

#5 - eFootball

eFootball is far from perfect, especially when compared with EA Sports FC and Football Manager, but for a free football game, nothing else is close.

Even FM's Mobile and Touch versions do cost you to purchase but eFootball is completely free.

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Credit: Konami

Born out of the ashes of Pro Evolution Soccer, eFootball is completely free-to-play and receives regular updates as well as large updates for each new real-life season.

The eFootball 2024 update went live in September 2023, so you'll be able to play with the top clubs and players from the real-life 2023-24 season. You can even play with legendary players thanks to the game's "Epic" players.

#4 - WGT Golf

This is principally a mobile game, but despite that, WGT Golf is the best golf video game on the market right now.

Available on iOS, Android and via your web browser, WGT Golf combines easy-to-play controls with the simulation levels of a triple-A title.

WGT Tour Golf
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Credit: WGT

You can play on the best professional courses in the world and the accessibility of it being on mobile means that you can pick up some virtual clubs wherever you are.

#3 - Touchgrind BMX 2

Another mobile title on our list is Touchgrind BMX 2 and there's something so fun about the simplistic nature of its gameplay. Touchgrind is to mobile devices what Tony Hawk's Skateboarding games is for console gamers.

The controls consist of a simple one-finger system where your aim is to get around the map that you're in with as much finesse and skills as possible. The variety of courses is huge and the customisation available for your bike is impressive.

Touchgrind BMX 2
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Credit: Illusion Labs
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The competition aspect is huge, with an impressive array of leaderboards to rank yourself against the best players in the game.

When you get good enough, you'll fill your power meter up to the max and be able to slow down time and pull off dozens of tricks in a single jump.

#2 - Knockout City

Dodgeball is far from a conventional sport, but those that were lucky enough to play this in school will know how fun it is. Knockout City is a free-to-play console and PC game that takes dodgeball to its video gaming peak.

Knockout City puts you into 3-a-side dodgeball matches. The rules are the same as real-life dodgeball, as you'll need to dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge to come out on top.

Knockout City
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Credit: EA Originals

Knockout City take dodgeball's simple concept and makes it even more entertaining by allowing you to move to higher ground and use special customised throws to get on top of your opponents.

Combined with the special types of balls available and obstacles that are in a constant state of flux, you have to play this game to fully appreciate how good it is.

#1 - Rocket League

Rocket League has been out since 2015 and while it would be wrong to say it kick-started the free-to-play game craze, but it was certainly ahead of its time in this regard.

Rocket League has been free-to-play since 2020 and continues to be one of the most popular games on the planet. Combining football and driving, this game commands a surprising amount of skill to succeed.

Rocket League
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Credit: Psyonix LLC

Rocket League has got to be one of the most fun sports games on the market and the fact it's free to enjoy is incredible. While there are microtransactions you can purchase, these have little effect on the playability of the game.

For example, you can purchase Formula 1 cars, but that won't give you much of an advantage over players who have cars that anybody can use. The best things in life are for free, and Rocket League is the video gaming equivalent of this.

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