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AFL 23

AFL 23

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AFL 23 is the official game of the Australian Football League, set for release in April this year.

Brief gameplay footage has been released for the game, which can be viewed below, as well as full details on game modes and a release date for AFL 23.

It may not be as much of a behemoth as some of the other sports games seen on the market, but AFL 23 is attempting to shine a light on the Australian Football League and rise awareness of the quality of the sport.

Check below for everything you need to know about AFL 23.

AFL 23

AFL 23 is a brand-new game showcasing the brilliance of the Australian Football League.

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TOUGH TACKLING - AFL 23 features over 1200 authentic players

Players from both the male and female leagues will feature in the game, as well as authentic teams and iconic commentary duos.

More than 1200 AFL and AFLW players will feature in the new video game.

Game Modes

Manager Career Mode appears to be the shining light of AFL 23, with the mode allowing you to take control of our teams, from recruiting, drafting and player development to deciding the game-day tactics and structures as they chase the premiership cup.

AFL 23
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CUSTOMISABLE EXPERIENCE - AFL doesn't lack customisation tools

Players can choose to manage one of the authentic sides that feature across the AFL and AFLW leagues or create their own in a new creation suite.

You can also create your own players and stadium, giving you an incredible amount of control over how your game looks and feels.

You'll also be able to employ gameplans designed with the help of AFL coaches to give your team the tactical edge.


We have received our first look at AFL 23 gameplay, with the official AFL Twitter account showcasing some of the new details featured in the game.

The game, developed by Big Ant Studios, promises to take the Football experience to the next level, delivering major improvements and adding a multitude of customisation tools, as seen above.

The AFL's executive general manager of customer and commercial, Kylie Rogers confirmed her excitement for the upcoming release of AFL 23:

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"The AFL 23 game is a crucial asset for the AFL to connect with our fans off the field – and we look forward to collaborating with Big Ant Studios to deliver the most exciting and authentic AFL gaming experience yet."

Finer Details

AFL 23 doesn't stop with authentic teams and players, it goes much further in ensuring your game is as immersive as possible.

Commentary from Anthony Hudson, Hamish McLachlan, Daisy Pearce, Daniel Harford, Kelli Underwood, and Jason Bennett will accompany all the action.

On top of that, over 30 authentic stadiums will feature in the game from across the country.

Finally, each player in AFL 23 will feature individual traits, allowing players to balance the qualities in their team. These traits can also be assigned when customising your players.

Pre-Order and Release Date

AFL 23 has been confirmed to release on April 13.

The game is currently available to pre-order across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

AFL 23 Release Date
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NOT LONG TO WAIT - AFL 23 release on April 13

Right now, there is only one singular edition of the game available, with no pre-order bonuses to mention.

The game will retail for $79.00.

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