AEW Video Game to include Story Mode, new report on development

While all eyes have been on WWE 2K22 in recent weeks, we've got new updates about the still unnamed AEW video game currently under development.

From the potential inclusion of Story Mode to news on the game's music, here's what we've learned from the latest AEW video game report.

AEW Video Game to get Story Mode per new report

So far, news about the upcoming AEW video game has been pretty slim pickings with only a few tiny previews revealed by AEW Games.

Their mobile property AEW Elite General Manager continues to thrive with new content, but many fans are simply waiting to learn more about a potential console game.

However, we're finally getting some updates thanks to a new report by Fightful Select, and the first thing many fans should be excited about is that the game will indeed have a Story Mode.

According to the report, the story mode is currently under development and has gotten input from certain wrestlers on the AEW roster.

Yuke's is on board as the developer, and some of those team members were also a part of development for the much-beloved SmackDown vs. Raw series of games.

Story Mode could be a huge asset for the game, as WWE 2K22 has already seen major success with this year's MyRISE erasing the flaws and moving on from their lackluster MyCAREER story mode in WWE 2K20.

AEW game publisher, music, and more

One of the big question marks that remains for the game is which company will be chosen as the publisher, something that 2K handles for the WWE 2K series while it's developed by Visual Concepts.

There's no word on who that publisher might be, but it's expected that once confirmed and announced we could finally get an official release date and title for the AEW game.

Expectations are high, as the report by Fightful Select indicated many had reiterated that Kenny Omega is determined to make the game a major success.

AEW video game console
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WORK IN PROGRESS: Jungle Boy and Darby Allin feature in this early preview

Thunder Rosa also commented on the game's development in an interview with Fightful and confirmed her prototype game model had been shown to her, but it's unclear where that process stands at this point.

In addition, AEW music producer Mike Rukus, who does most of the entrance music for the company, had reportedly been given a "soft deadline" to have some story mode music ready the week prior to AEW Revolution.

A handful of wrestlers Fightful spoke to haven't heard anything yet about the title. Some have taken reference photos, but they haven't yet recorded voice overs or dialogue.

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