When does Madden 24 come out?

The NFL is gearing up for another year of action and gamers everywhere are asking when does Madden 24 come out? Well, it's Madden season right now!

The first trailer for Madden 24 really whet the appetite and now players are ready to dive into another season of virtual football. With some big talk from EA about new features and gameplay improvements, the Madden community is expecting a properly new game for Madden 24.

This year's game is set to be a big one for EA, with their license deal with the NFL nearing its end and 2K's game looming on the horizon. So when will we be playing Madden 24?

When does Madden 24 come out?

After months of waiting and players drifting away from Madden 23, the new game is finally here! The Standard Edition of Madden 24 has unlocked, letting players everywhere dive in and take the new game for spin.

There were some server issues when the Deluxe Edition unlocked, but those look to be behind us now as the rest of the players come online.

Christian McCaffrey gets some help running over a defender in Madden 24
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BOOM - You will be able to push the pile more this year

Madden 24 is available on PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam & EA Origin. There is no plan to bring Madden 24 to Nintendo Switch.

If you aren't sure you want to spend your hard-earned cash on the new game then check out our Madden 24 review.

Madden 24 review

We've been playing Madden 24 early and have put together a comprehensive Madden 24 review.

Jaire Alexander celebrates in Madden 24
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NO FLY ZONE - Challenge Jaire Alexander at your peril

While things like the mini-games and new blocking AI are great additions, they do little to drastically alter the game. There are still inexplicably long load times in menus and the game itself has moved forward very little.

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