When does Madden 23 Season 3 start?

We might still be in the middle of Season 2 but several players are wondering when Madden 23 Season 3 will begin.

The good news is that we know the dates for the beginning of the season and we have a few predictions on what we might see.

Let's first go over the release date for Madden 23 Season 3.

Madden 23 Season 3 Release Date

Madden 23 Season 3 will begin sixty days after the start of Season 2, this is how we can gauge when the next season will begin.

By our count, the third season of Madden 23 will begin on Friday, December 9, 2022. That means it will begin right before the Christmas holidays.

Madden 23 Season 3
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COMING SOON: Get ready for the start of Madden 23 Season 3.

This means Christmas-themed packs and new events in Ultimate Team and extra MUT rewards. However, before the launch of Madden 23 Season 3, you'll need to complete a few things in Season 2.

If you haven't purchased the game yet, you can use our link below to grab the game before the start of Season 3.

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What to do before Season 3

Before you get too excited about the start of Madden 23 Season 3, you have a ton of time to complete everything there is to do in Season 2.

The All-Madden II release delivered several new cards and you can complete the challenges available to get a free 90 OVR DT Tony Siragusa.

Madden 23 Season 3
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ALL-MADDEN ITEMS: Work your way up through Season 2 for free cards.

The full list of cards were revealed this week, delivering several 93 OVR cards. Remember, if you work your way all the way to the top before the end of Madden 23 Season 3, you'll get a free 94 OVR Deion Sanders.

Here are a few of those All-Madden Champions:

  • Jonathan Ogden (LT) - 93 OVR - Baltimore Ravens
  • Mike Haynes (CB) - 93 OVR - Las Vegas Raiders
  • Derrick Brooks (ROLB) - 93 OVR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Brian Urlacher (MLB) - 93 OVR - Chicago Bears
  • Devin Hester (WR) - 93 OVR - Chicago Bears - 0 AP Return Man

To check out the full list of cards and which positions they play, follow this link.

Team of the Week 8

Sure, Madden 23 Season 3 will be here before you know it but until then there will be more Team of the Week cards added.

MUT 23 has been full of great cards for Team of the Week and the latest set is pretty great. Of course, Alvin Kamara made the list this week, earning a 92 OVR Card.

Madden 23 Season 3
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TEAM OF THE WEEK: Get out there are grab a few incredible cards.

Aside from updates in Ultimate Team, we'd like to see a Franchise Mode update before the start of Madden 23 Season 3.

There hasn't been a significant update for Franchise Mode in weeks and players are getting even more frustrated.

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