MUT 22 TOTW 11 Predictions: Team of the Week 11 Heroes, LTD, POTW

Week 11 of the NFL has finally come to a close meaning that the next MUT 22 Team of the Week is about to be revealed!

We're ecstatic to bring you our list of players we expect to fill out the lineup, especially with the way that certain players performed this week.

Let's go over our MUT 22 TOTW 11 predictions including a potential repeat Player of the Week.

MUT 22: Team of the Week 11 Release Date

Are you anxious to find out who will be filling out the MUT 22 Team of the Week 11 squad? So are we, the great news is that Madden 22 releases them around the same time consistently.

Although there is one final game to be played this week, we can expect the reveals to begin this evening at around 7pm ET on Monday, November 22, 2021.

MUT 22 Team of the Week 11 image
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TEAM OF THE WEEK: The latest TOTW squad should be revealed soon!

As usual, after the initial reveals of the Heroes, LTD, and Player of the Week, we should get the full MUT 22 TOTW 10 reveal during Good Morning Madden on Tuesday, November 23 at approximately 10:30am ET.

Once everyone is revealed and the MUT 22 Team of the Week has been announced they should go live in Madden 22 on on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

Player of the Week 11 (POTW) - Aaron Rodgers

Now, there are a few huge options to take for Player of the Week. Unfortunately, we don't believe that Madden 22 will award Jonathan Taylor his second straight POTW award.

Instead, we believe it'll go to Aaron Rodgers, even though the Packers ended up losing to the Vikings. The one thing you can't ignore is that no quarterback even came close to his rating.

MUT 22 Player of the Week Aaron Rodgers
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PLAYER OF THE WEEK: We expect Rodgers to be the POTW 11

Rodgers threw for 385 yards and four touchdowns and finished with a QBR of 148.4. He should at least be considered as the Madden 22 POTW 11 even if his team lost.

Team of the Week LTD - Doug Martin - 2015

Doug Martin was a nightmare for defenses to face in 2015. He was an elite running back, but had great hands as well, making him a dual-threat.

In Week 11 of 2015, Martin rushed for 235 yards on just 27 attempts. Surprisingly enough, he didn't record a single touchdown. However, he was instrumental in the Buccaneers 45-17 victory.

We believe that Doug Martin would be an incredible option for the MUT 22 Team of the Week LTD.

TOTW 11 Offensive and Defensive Heroes Predictions

The TOTW Offensive and Defensive Heroes often feature players from the past that are no longer active. This is a tough category to pick, but we'll definitely do our best.

There are multiple positions and players to choose from, however, we feel that each of the Heroes we predict deserves a MUT 22 card.

Offensive Hero - Michael Floyd - 2013

For those of you that don't remember, Michael Floyd was an incredible wide receiver who journeyed around the entire NFL. Personally, we believe he'd make a great Madden 22 addition.

He had a huge impact when he played for the Arizona Cardinals in 2013. In one game, in Week 11 he recorded 193 receiving yards on six receptions. He also had a 91-yard touchdown reception.

Defensive Hero - Jason Taylor - 2006

Jason Taylor was a handful for opposing offensive lines during his time. It's also about the time that we saw some heavy-hitting defensive ends added to the MUT 22 lineup.

In Week 11 of 2006, Taylor recorded an interception returned for a touchdown along with two forced fumbles. He led the Dolphins to a 24-20 victory and would make a great Defensive Hero.

TOTW 11 - Other Player Upgrades

Of course, there are going to be a ton of other player upgrades that come along with the MUT 22 Team of the Week.

Here are our top predictions for TOTW 11 on offense and defense.

Offense: Justin Jefferson, Jonathan Taylor, D'Andre Swift

Few players have exploded the way that Justin Jefferson is. He's only in his second season and is breaking records consistently. He ended the game with 169 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

MUT 22 Jonathan Taylor offensive hero
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LEADING RUSHER: Taylor leads the NFL's running backs by quite the large margin

Jonathan Taylor is essentially in the same boat, he racked up 185 yards rushing in Week 11 and now leads the NFL in rushing by a large margin. D'Andre Swift had an incredible game as well and averaged over nine yards per carry in Week 11. Each of these players will see a ratings boost.

Defense: Desmond King, Chris Jones, Kyle Van Noy

We'd say Desmond King is solely responsible for the Texans win over the Titans. His two interceptions gave the Texans more chances to score and secure their victory.

Chris Jones was a nightmare for the Cowboys offensive line, he recorded 3.5 sacks and hounded Dak Prescott the entire night. Finally, Kyle Van Noy is one of only two defensive players to record an interception returned for a touchdown in Week 11. We'd love to see these players get a Madden 22 roster update.

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