Madden 24 TOTW 1: All cards revealed!

Madden 24 gameplay

Madden 24 gameplay

With the NFL season finally underway, Madden 24 fans have a lot of content coming their way. Among the many programs that are inspired by real NFL performances, none is more popular than the TOTW one.

The TOTW program rewards players who had a great performance in the latest NFL games. It comes out every week and allows players to earn some great cards. Players can then use these cards to update their squad, complete challenges, and use them to complete sets.

Without further ado, let's see when the Madden 24 TOTW 1 goes live, and which players we can expect to be in it.

Latest news - TOTW 1 cards revealed

In the latest GMM stream, Madden finally announced all the TOTW 1 players. Most of our predictions were correct, with players such as Tyreek Hill and Daron Bland making TOTW 1.

Without further ado, here are all the TOTW 1 cards.

Golds (79 OVR)

  • Kyren Williams - HB -Chargers
  • Quay Walker - MLB - Packers

Elite (81 OVR)

  • Brian Branch -SS -Lions
  • Tyler Allgeier -HB - Falcons

Heroes (85 OVR)

  • Tyson Campbell - CB - Jaguars
  • Brandon Ayuik - WR - 49ers

LTD's (88 OVR)

  • Jessie Bates III - FS - Falcons
  • Kyler Murray - QB - Cardinals
  • Tyreek Hill - WR - Dolphins
  • Daron Bland - CB - Comboys

Tyreek Hill confirmed as offensive player of the week

Get ready to have the top blown off your defense. After an amazing 215 yards and two touchdowns on 11 catches against the Chargers, Tyreek Hill will be the most sought-after card in TOTW 1.

Tyreek Hill TOTW 1
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With 90 speed and 88 deep route running players are going to be in all kinds of trouble when trying to stop the deep ball against Hill.

Madden 24 TOTW 1 release date

As mentioned above, the NFL season has finally started. This means that, from now until the end of the season, new TOTW cards will come out every week. These cards will reward players who had incredible performances on the field.

Madden 24 Justin Jefferson
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TOTW 1 went live on Wednesday, 13 September, at 6.30pm BST. It brought some great cards, new sets for players to complete, and also new challenges.

How to get TOTW cards

Once the TOTW program goes live, new packs will be available that will guarantee you at least one of these cards. As you would expect, you are most likely to pull the lowest OVR TOTW cards, but there is a % chance that you could get the Champions or LTDs from here too.

Madden 24 TOTW preseason challenges
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There will also be some challenges that players can complete to earn a few cards. Based on the pre-season TOTW release we can assume there will be an 85 OVR account-bound player that everyone can get totally free, along with an 81 OVR player and some coins.

There should also be Field Pass levels that will give you a random card too, and of course sets where you can collect cards to trade in for the Champion player.

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