Madden 24 Season 1: All the MUT Season 1 rewards

Madden 24

Madden 24

Madden 24 has arrived, and players can now finally try out the new game. Just like in previous editions, Ultimate Team continues to be the most popular game mode. Players are eager to build their Madden 24 squad, complete challenges, and compete against other players.

By playing matches and completing challenges, players will progress through the MUT Season 1 field pass. This field pass allows players to earn plenty of rewards, such as player packs, coins, exclusive cards, and more. With these rewards, users can upgrade their squads, making their teams even more competitive.

So, let's take a look at the Madden 24 Season 1 rewards.

Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass

As mentioned above, the field pass is a way for players to earn rewards for free. Every game users play, every challenge or mission they complete, guarantees them XP. This XP allows them to progress through the field pass, and secure some great rewards.

It's always good to be aware of which rewards are present in the field pass. There are specific levels players will need to reach in order to secure a reward. The better the reward, the harder it is to earn it.

Madden 24 Season 1 field pass rewards
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The Madden 24 Season 1 field pass is full of great rewards.

Some players only care about one specific reward in the field pass. They will work hard to earn it, but once they secure it, they won't pay too much attention to the field pass. While others, want to secure all the rewards possible since they know that can give them an advantage over their opponents.

Let's take a look at all the MUT Season 1 field pass rewards below.

All Mut Season 1 field pass rewards

You can get several strong players in the Season 1 Field Pass. Your Welcome Pack player is Jalen Ramsey, who can be upgraded to 89 OVR at which point he will be the best cornerback in the game.

You can also get DeAndre Swift (83 OVR), Bryce Young (84 OVR upgradeable to 86 OVR), Reggie White (85 OVR upgradeable to 87 OVR), and DeAndre Hopkins (86 OVR).

There are also plenty of coins and packs to be won, so be sure to complete your Season 1 Field Pass! Here is EVERY reward you can earn in Season 1.

Season 1 field pass rewards
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