Madden 24 keeps new features OUT of Franchise Mode

Madden 24 tackle

Madden 24 tackle

The last Madden 24 title update was released two days ago and it introduced many gameplay changes and bug fixes. It was by far the biggest title update Madden 24 has received so far, and the majority of fans were happy with the changes that were implemented.

However, the Franchise mode community wasn't really thrilled about it, and that's because Madden kept some key features out of the mode. Fans are disappointed, angry, and frustrated about this, with many saying Madden doesn't really care about the Franchise mode.

But what were the key features that were left out and do they impact the Franchise mode that much? Let's find out right now!

New X-factors kept out of Franchise mode

The last title update introduced four new X-factors to Madden 24, which left fans very excited. The X-Factors in question are Angry Runs, 3rd Down Threat, Linchpin, and Dual Threat. When it comes to the players that received them, they are Derrick Henry, Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce, and Micah Parsons, respectively.

Madden 24 Travis Kelce
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Unfortunately, these X-factors were only added to the Ultimate Team mode, which left the Madden Franchise community very disappointed. Players were questioning why Madden would introduce such a big feature but not implement in it's second most popular mode.

Many have speculated that Madden knows it would break the game if they added the feature to Franchise mode, so they choose not to do it, at least for now. Other users say this was just another day at the office for Franchise mode fans, as Madden only cares about MUT.

The Madden community is not happy

The general opinion of the community is that this wasn't a smart move by Madden. There are many players who want to enjoy playing with the new X-Factors, but they won't be able to do that because Madden24 decided not to add them to the Franchise mode.

This also has an impact on the gameplay, has X-Factors play a huge role in the game, and can make the difference between winning or losing. However, it is true that if they were wrongfully implemented, they could break the game or at least have a big negative impact on it.

Madden 24 49ers
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But no matter what, you shouldn't introduce such a big feature, and leave it out of one of your biggest modes. Obviously, the Franchise fans feel left out and forgotten, because if it happened with this feature what is there to say it won't happen again in the future?

Furthermore, this only fuels the belief most Madden players have that, Madden only cares about MUT and everything else is secondary. This only divides the Madden community more, which is certainly not something we want to see.

Hopefully, Madden 24 will hear the community feedback and implement the new X-Factors in Franchise mode as fast as possible. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out Realsport101.

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