Madden 24: How to audible

Madden NFL 24 Audible
Credit: EA / Tiburon

Madden NFL 24 Audible
Credit: EA / Tiburon

One of the best ways to keep your opponent guessing is to change tactics on the fly and use an audible in Madden 24. American Football is nothing without its tactics and sometimes plans change as your opponent looks to surprise you.

Madden NFL 24 emulates this frantic mechanic in its game, as you look to your quarterback to lead a quick change. How do you do this during a game, though? And when should you carry this out?

We've got everything you need to know about using audibles in Madden 24 right here!

What is an audible?

Before we go into how to use audible commands in Madden 24, we're first going to cover what they are. Audible commands are when you change plays or player responsibilities before the snap.

This can be for both offensive and defensive plays. When on offense, the quarterback can call a new play at the line of scrimmage, or ask for a receiver to run a specific route. This is different to when they call a play during a huddle.

Madden NFL 24
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Credit: Tiburon / EA

On defense, there is no one specifically making the change, but you can still alter the called play entirely. It takes place after the huddle but before the snap. In Madden, audibles are a little simpler than that, which we'll explain.

When the teams are lining up before the snap, if you think you'd be better off changing tactics, you can do so. Let's find out how to do it below.

How to audible in Madden 24

Press Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox to bring up the audibles menu in the bottom right of the screen. There are four new plays to choose from for both offense and defense per formation. Depending on the personnel you have on the field, you can completely change to a new formation as well as a new play!

Which plays are assigned to each button will depend upon which you have set from the pause menu. The buttons chosen for this are Square, Triangle, L1 and R1. On Xbox, there are X, Y, LB and RB, respectively.

You can cycle through each formation by pressing left or right on the D-pad and seeing how this affects the plays you have available. You'll also be able to reset the play and flip the play from this menu.

Madden NFL 24
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Credit: EA / Tiburon

Like everything in Madden 24, practice makes perfect and the best way to try out new audibles is on the training field in between games. While trying something new in a game can surprise your opponents, it can also surprise your players.

Using an unproven tactic can pay off, but the potential for it to succeed is much lower than something that has been honed on the pitch. So, we advise you to first master the art of audible in the training field and only then use it in online games.

We hope this guide was useful and answered all the questions you had about audibles in Madden 24. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out Realsport101.

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