Madden 24: Competitive Pass is finally live!

Madden 24: Competitive field pass

Madden 24: Competitive field pass

It's finally here! Madden 24 went live today, and players can now finally try out the new game. As usual, this new entry in the Madden franchise brings plenty of new features. Some old features were also revamped, to deliver players the best gaming experience possible.

One of the features that was revamped, was the MUT competitive field pass. The competitive field pass allows players to earn plenty of rewards and is a way for users to upgrade their squads without spending a dime.

In Madden 24, this feature underwent some changes. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the changes introduced to the competitive field pass.

Madden 24 competitive field pass changes

Ultimate Team continues to be the most popular game mode in Madden, and the field pass was a feature that was introduced last year. This new feature gave players that didn't want to spend money on the game a new way to improve their squad.

The feature was very well received in Madden 23, but there was still some space for improvements. EA Sports developers listened to the player's feedback and implemented a number of changes. These changes make the competitive field pass the best it has ever been and will captivate even more players to grind it.

The Competitive Pass will now last the whole season, with specific daily, weekly, and season long objectives for players to complete. Dailys and seasonals can be done in any of the Solo Battles, MUT Champs, or H2H Season modes.

Competitive Field Pass rewards

The Competitive Field Pass for Madden 24 will go live on Friday 18 August with the full release of the game. There will be a huge 53 levels for the pass with two crucial levels you will want to get to.

AJ Terrell Competitive Field Pass reward
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At level 22 players will receive an 86 OVR AJ Terrell. The Falcons corner has 86 speed, 86 zone coverage, and 82 man coverage. AT level 48 players can get an 89 OVR George Pickens. The Steelers WR brings 87 speed, 89 catch in traffic, and 91 spec catch. He'll be one of the best receivers in the game right away.

George Pickens Comp Field Pass card
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That's not all, the first 1,000 players across the whole MUT community to reach those levels will receive special auctionable LTD versions of these players. Those special LTD cards will have extra tier 1 and tier 2 ability buckets along with unique art.

Maddden 24 Competitive Field Pass rewards
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All the Competitive Field Pass rewards have also been revealed, and players have a lot of great rewards to work for. Among them, is a Legends card, plenty of coins, Red Zone packs and much more.

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